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   datacite:identifier "usgs-columbia-river-basin-daily-maca-vic-results";
   dcterms:title "Columbia River Basin Daily MACA-VIC Results"^^xsd:string;
   datacite:hasIdentifier [ a datacite:AlternateResourceIdentifier; rdf:value "" ] ;
   dcat:landingPage <>;
   dcterms:description "This archive contains daily downscaled meteorological and hydrological projections for the Columbia Basin in the United States at 1/16-deg resolution utilizing 9 different downscaling methods. The downscaled meteorological variables are maximum/minimum temperature(tasmax/tasmin), precipitation amount(pr), downward shortwave solar radiation(rsds), wind speed(was), and specific humidity(huss). The downscaling is based on the CCSM3e model from Phase 3 of the Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project (CMIP3) utlizing the historical 20C3M (1971-1999) and future SRESA2(2041-2070) scenarios. The downscaling methods include 3 statistical downscaling methods: Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs (MACA) and monthly(and daily) Bias Correction Spatial Dissaggregation (mBCSD,dBCSD); 3 dynamical downscaling methods: interpolations of the outputs from North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program(sdNARCCAP) regional downscaling utilizing 3 regional models: CRCM,MM5I and WRFG; and 3 hybrid downscaling methods: bias correction of interpolated outputs from NARCCAP regional downscaling using CRCM,MM5I and WRFG. All of the methods are used to downscale the entire suite of variables except for mBCSD (which is only used to downscale tmax/tmin/pr and these results are used with MTCLIM(Glassy et al., 1994) to generate rsds/was/huss). Each of the downscaling outputs are run through the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) hydrologic model to generate the hydrological projections."^^xsd:string;
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    a dcterms:Location, gcis:SpatialExtent;
    gcis:northBoundLatitude "52.84375"^^xsd:float;
    gcis:southBoundLatitude "41.21875"^^xsd:float;
    gcis:eastBoundLongitude "-109.8"^^xsd:float;
    gcis:westBoundLongitude "-124.6"^^xsd:float;
  ] ;
dcterms:temporal [
    a dcterms:PeriodOfTime, gcis:TemporalExtent;
    ] ;

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