dataset : Geologic Provinces of the Circum-Arctic, 2008 (north of the Arctic Circle)

U.S. Geological Survey Central Energy Resources Science Center


Geologic Provinces of the Circum-Arctic, 2008 (north of the Arctic Circle)

This shapefile includes arcs and polygons that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined 33 geologic provinces of the Circum-Arctic (north of the Arctic Circle). Each province has a set of geologic characteristics distinguishing it from surrounding provinces. These characteristics may include the dominant lithologies, the age of the strata, and the structural style. Some provinces include multiple genetically-related basins. Resource-assessments are conducted by research scientists of the U.S Geological Survey's World Petroleum Resource Project by means of a combination of Total Petroleum System analysis based on available geologic information, and statistical analysis of production and exploration information. Total Petroleum Systems are defined in provinces considered for assessment analysis. Total Petroleum Systems are subdivided into Assessment Units. Assessment results from the analysis of assessment units and total petroleum systems are aggregated and allocated to geologic provinces. Summary results are presented as attributes of this shapefile`.

The spatial range for this dataset is 48.35° to 90.0° latitude, and -180.0° to 180.0° longitude. map (center)

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