dataset : Gridded Observed Meteorological Data: 1949-2010

Santa Clara University Department of Civil Engineering


Gridded Observed Meteorological Data: 1949-2010

These daily gridded observations at 1/8 degree spatial resolution (about 12 km) are a baseline dataset to be compered to downscaled climate predictions. The grid used is the same as has been used by other 1/8th degree spatial resolution downscaling projects. The updated data were processed exactly as in the reference above with the single exception of the precipitation time-of-observation adjustment. For this updated dataset, if a meteorological station has a time of observation before noon, the precipitation is assigned to the prior day, otherwise no adjustment is made. Before using this dataset, please review the materials here:

The spatial range for this dataset is 25.1875° to 52.8125° latitude, and -124.6875° to -67.0625° longitude. map (center)

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