dataset : Nitrous Oxide Flux

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Nitrous Oxide Flux

Nitrous Oxide (N20) flux is the net rate of nitrous oxide exchange between an ecosystem and the atmosphere. Data of this variable were generated by the USGS LandCarbon project using the General Ensemble Biogeochemical Modeling System (GEMS) based on modelled Land-Use/Land-Cover data and selected IPCC emission scenarios. The spatial extent is the conterminous United States and the temporal extent is from 1992 through 2050. Units of measure are expressed in g N2O/m2/yr. Data are projected to Albers Equal Area in the NAD83 datum at a resolution of 2000 meters and are spatially gridded in GeoTiff format.

The spatial range for this dataset is 22.7541° to 47.975864° latitude, and -127.922278° to -74.013589° longitude. map (center)

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