identifier name url platform/instrument
nsidc-g02199 Dust Count Observations March 1933 - August 1933 in College-Fairbanks, AK
nsidc-g02200 SEDNA: Sea ice Experiment - Dynamic Nature of the Arctic
nsidc-g02201 International Polar Year Historical Data and Literature
nsidc-g02202 NOAA/NSIDC Climate Data Record of Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration defense-meteorological-satellite-program-f-11/special-sensor-microwave-imager
nsidc-g02203 Arctic Sea Ice Charts from Danish Meteorological Institute, 1893 - 1956
nsidc-g10002 Glacier Mass Balance and Regime Measurements and Analysis, 1945-2003
nsidc-g10004 Greenland Snow Pit and Core Stratigraphy (Analog and Digital Formats)
nsidc-g10005 MASAM2: Daily 4 km Arctic Sea Ice Concentration, 2012-2014
nsidc-g10006 Unified Sea Ice Thickness Climate Data Record Collection Spanning 1947-2012 ice-cloud-and-land-elevation-satellite/geoscience-laser-altimeter-system
nsidc-g10007 Arctic Sea Ice Concentration and Extent from Danish Meteorological Institute Sea Ice Charts, 1901-1956
nsidc-g10008 ClimoBase: Rouse Canadian Surface Observations of Weather, Climate, and Hydrological Variables, 1984-1998
oklahoma-climatological-survey-oklahoma-mesonet-1994 Oklahoma Climatological Survey Oklahoma Mesonet
ornl-forest-disturbance-history-landsat-1986-2010-2015 NACP NAFD Project: Forest Disturbance History from Landsat, 1986-2010
ornl-homeland-infrastructure-foundation-level-data-hospitals-2018 ORNL Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD) - Hospitals 2018
pmodwrc-solar-constant Solar Constant
prism-climate-group-prism-climate-data PRISM Climate Group PRISM climate Data
projected-future-loca-statistical-downscaling-localized-constructed-analogs-statistically-downs Projected Future LOCA Statistical Downscaling (Localized Constructed Analogs) Statistically downscaled CMIP5 climate projections for North America
psmsl-permanent-service-mean-sea-level-philadelphia-pier-9n Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level: PHILADELPHIA (PIER 9N)
psu-nhhad_eiv_composite Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric and global surface temperature variations over the past two millennia
seanoe-argo-float-data-metadata-2000 Argo float data and metadata from the Global Data Assembly Center (Argo GDAC)
servir-data-catalog SERVIR Data Catalog
snap-historical-monthly-derived-temperature-products-771m-cmip5-ar5 SNAP Projected Monthly and Derived Temperature Products - 771m CMIP5/AR5
snap-historical-monthly-derived-temperature-products-771m-cru-ts SNAP Historical Monthly and Derived Temperature Products - 771m CRU TS
tpwd-coastal-fisheries-resource-monitoring-dataset Coastal Fisheries Resource Monitoring dataset
ttu-west-texas-mesonet-1999 TTU West Texas Mesonet