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nsidc-0128 Physical and Structural Properties of the Siple Dome Ice Cores
nsidc-0129 Siple Shallow Core Density Data
nsidc-0130 Siple Dome Ice Core Age-Depth Scales
nsidc-0131 Methane and Carbonyl Sulfide Analysis of Siple Dome Ice Core Subsamples
nsidc-0132 Taylor Dome Ice Core Data
nsidc-0133 Siple Dome Cores Electrical Measurement Data
nsidc-0134 Siple Dome Highlights: Stable isotopes
nsidc-0139 Roosevelt Island Ice Core Density and Beta Count Data
nsidc-0140 Roosevelt Island Bedrock and Surface Elevations
nsidc-0141 Ice Motion and Topography Near Margin Areas of Kamb Ice Stream, Antarctica
nsidc-0201 Biogenic Sulfur in the Siple Dome Ice Core
nsidc-0202 Atmospheric CO2 Trapped in the Ice Core from Siple Dome, Antarctica
nsidc-0214 Vertical Strain at Siple Dome, Antarctica, 1999-2002
nsidc-0215 Sulfate-Based Volcanic Record from South Pole Ice Core
nsidc-0254 US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition 400 MHz Subsurface Radar Profiles
nsidc-0255 Ice Fabric Characteristics: Siple Dome, A Core
nsidc-0263 Margin Migration Rates and Dynamics: Siple Coast Ice Streams
nsidc-0264 Ice Thickness and Internal Layer Depth Along the 2001 and 2002 US ITASE Traverses
nsidc-0266 Ross Ice Drainage System (RIDS) Glaciochemical Analysis
nsidc-0269 US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (US ITASE): GPR Profiles and Accumulation Mapping
nsidc-0272 GLIMS Glacier Database terra/advanced-spaceborne-thermal-emission-and-reflection-radiometer
nsidc-0273 US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (US ITASE) Glaciochemical Data
nsidc-0274 Compilation of Antarctic Radar Data, Siple Coast, 2000-2002
nsidc-0279 Analysis of Siple Dome Ice Core: Carbonyl Sulfide (COS), Methyl Chloride (CH3Cl), and Methyl Bromide (CH3Br)
nsidc-0280 MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica 2003-2004 (MOA2004) Image Map aqua/moderate-resolution-imaging-spectroradiometer
nsidc-0281 Atmospheric Nitrate Isotopic Analysis at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, A Twenty-Five Year Record
nsidc-0282 GPR and GPS Data: Characteristics of Snow Megadunes and their Potential Effects on Ice Core Interpretation
nsidc-0283 AWS Data: Characteristics of Snow Megadunes and Their Potential Effect on Ice Core Interpretation
nsidc-0290 Firn Air Inert Gas and Oxygen Observations from Siple Dome, 1996, and the South Pole, 2001
nsidc-0292 Subglacial Topography: Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica
nsidc-0299 Snow and Firn Permeability: Characteristics of Snow Megadunes and their Potential Effects on Ice Core Interpretation
nsidc-0303 Radar Investigations of Antarctic Ice Stream Margins, Siple Dome, 1998
nsidc-0307 Cosmogenic Radionuclides in the Siple Dome A Ice Core
nsidc-0310 Carbon-13 Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric Methane in Firn Air, South Pole and Siple Dome, Antarctica
nsidc-0311 Trapped Gas Composition and Chronology of the Vostok Ice Core
nsidc-0312 Amundsen Sea Sector Data Set
nsidc-0313 Antarctic Ice Cores: Methyl Chloride and Methyl Bromide
nsidc-0314 Atmospheric CO2 and Climate: Byrd Ice Core, Antarctica
nsidc-0315 Atmospheric CO2 and Climate: Taylor Dome Ice Core, Antarctica
nsidc-0318 Antarctic Mean Annual Temperature Map
nsidc-0323 Stable Isotopes of Ice on the Surface of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
nsidc-0324 Surface Velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
nsidc-0326 Ablation Rates of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
nsidc-0334 Airborne Laser Altimetry of the Thwaites Glacier Catchment, West Antarctica
nsidc-0336 Antarctic Subglacial Lake Classification Inventory
nsidc-0347 Continuous GPS (static) Data from the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
nsidc-0349 Iceberg Harmonic Tremor, Seismometer Data, Antarctica
nsidc-0350 Giant Icebergs of the Ross Sea, in situ Drift and Weather Measurements, Antarctica
nsidc-0351 Ice Shelf Rift Time-Lapse Photography, Antarctica
nsidc-0352 Iceberg Firn Temperatures, Antarctica