identifier name url platform/instrument
usda-ers-00052 Agricultural Exchange Rate Data Set
usda-ers-00055 Commodity Consumption by Population Characteristics
usda-ers-00062 Dairy Data
usda-ers-00064 Farm Household Income and Characteristics
usda-ers-00069 Food Expenditures
usda-ers-00071 Fruit and Vegetable Prices
usda-ers-00072 International Agricultural Productivity
usda-ers-00073 International Food Consumption Patterns
usda-ers-00074 International Food Security
usda-ers-00075 Livestock And Meat Domestic Data
usda-ers-00076 Major Land Uses
usda-ers-00082 Phytosanitary Regulation
usda-ers-00093 U.S. Food Imports
usda-ers-00094 Western Irrigated Agriculture
usda-ers-00096 Wheat Data
usda-ers-00097 GIS Map Services and API User Guide
usda-ers-00131 Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System
usda-ers-01352 Feed Grains Database
usda-ers-02033 Food Environment Atlas
usda-ers-02437 Farm Income and Wealth Statistics
usda-ers-02576 Agricultural Baseline Database
usda-ers-02577 Livestock & Meat International Trade Data
usda-ers-04082 Fertilizer Use and Price
usda-ers-04708 Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.
usda-ers-05394 Aquaculture Data