identifier name url platform/instrument
nasa-ornldaac-290 BOREAS RSS-03 Reflectance Measured from a Helicopter-Mounted Barnes MMR
nasa-ornldaac-291 BOREAS RSS-03 Reflectance Measured from a Helicopter-Mounted SE-590
nasa-ornldaac-292 BOREAS RSS-04 1994 Jack Pine Leaf Biochemistry and Modeled Spectra in the SSA
nasa-ornldaac-293 BOREAS RSS-04 1994 Southern Study Area Jack Pine LAI & FPAR Data
nasa-ornldaac-294 BOREAS RSS-07 LAI, Gap Fraction, and FPAR Data
nasa-ornldaac-295 BOREAS RSS-08 BIOME-BGC Model Simulations at Tower Flux Sites in 1994
nasa-ornldaac-296 BOREAS RSS-08 BIOME-BGC SSA Simulations of Annual Water and Carbon Fluxes
nasa-ornldaac-297 BOREAS RSS-11 Ground Sunphotometer Data
nasa-ornldaac-298 BOREAS RSS-12 Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer Measurements (C-130)
nasa-ornldaac-299 BOREAS RSS-12 Automated Ground Sunphotometer Measurements in the SSA
nasa-ornldaac-3 Aircraft Flux-Detrended: NRCC (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-30 Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: ANL (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-300 BOREAS RSS-14 GOES-7 Level-1a Visible, Infrared, and Water Vapor Images geostationary-operational-environmental-satellite-7/vissr-atmospheric-sounder
nasa-ornldaac-301 BOREAS RSS-17 Dielectric Constant Profile Measurements
nasa-ornldaac-302 BOREAS RSS-17 Stem, Soil, and Air Temperature Data
nasa-ornldaac-303 BOREAS RSS-17 Xylem Flux Density Measurements at the SSA-OBS Site
nasa-ornldaac-304 BOREAS RSS-19 1994 Seasonal Understory Reflectance Data
nasa-ornldaac-305 BOREAS RSS-20 POLDER C-130 Measurements of Surface BRDF
nasa-ornldaac-306 BOREAS RSS-20 POLDER Helicopter-Mounted Measurements of Surface BRDF
nasa-ornldaac-307 BOREAS Saskatchewan Forest Fire Control Centre Surface Meteorological Data
nasa-ornldaac-308 BOREAS SERM Forest Fire Chronology of Saskatchewan in Vector Format
nasa-ornldaac-309 Data over the SSA in Raster Format and AEAC Projection
nasa-ornldaac-31 Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: GSFC (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-310 BOREAS TE-01 CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OA
nasa-ornldaac-311 BOREAS TE-01 CO2 and CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OBS Site
nasa-ornldaac-312 BOREAS TE-01 Soils Data over the SSA Tower Sites in Raster Format
nasa-ornldaac-313 BOREAS TE-01 SSA-FEN Soil Profile Nutrient Data
nasa-ornldaac-314 BOREAS TE-02 Continuous Wood Respiration Data
nasa-ornldaac-315 BOREAS TE-02 Foliage Respiration Data
nasa-ornldaac-316 BOREAS TE-02 Root Respiration Data
nasa-ornldaac-317 BOREAS TE-02 Stem Growth & Sapwood Data
nasa-ornldaac-318 BOREAS TE-02 Wood Respiration Data
nasa-ornldaac-319 BOREAS TE-04 Branch Bag Data from Boreal Tree Species
nasa-ornldaac-32 Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: UK (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-320 BOREAS TE-04 Gas Exchange Data from Boreal Tree Species
nasa-ornldaac-321 BOREAS TE-05 CO2 Concentration and Stable Isotope Composition
nasa-ornldaac-322 BOREAS TE-05 Diurnal CO2 Canopy Profile Data
nasa-ornldaac-323 BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Carbon Isotope Data
nasa-ornldaac-324 BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Gas Exchange Data
nasa-ornldaac-325 BOREAS TE-05 Soil Respiration Data
nasa-ornldaac-326 BOREAS TE-05 Surface Meteorological & Radiation Data
nasa-ornldaac-327 BOREAS TE-05 Tree Ring and Carbon Isotope Ratio Data
nasa-ornldaac-328 BOREAS TE-06 1994 Soil and Air Temperatures in the NSA
nasa-ornldaac-329 BOREAS TE-06 Allometry Data
nasa-ornldaac-33 Eddy Corr. Surface Flux: UNL (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-330 BOREAS TE-06 Biomass and Foliage Area Data
nasa-ornldaac-331 BOREAS TE-06 Multiband Vegetation Imager Data
nasa-ornldaac-332 BOREAS TE-06 Predawn Leaf Water Potentials and Foliage Moisture Content Data
nasa-ornldaac-333 BOREAS TE-07 Dendrology Data
nasa-ornldaac-334 BOREAS TE-07 Sap Flow Data