identifier name url platform/instrument
nasa-ornldaac-456 BOREAS TF-11 SSA Fen Leaf Gas Exchange Data
nasa-ornldaac-457 BOREAS TF-11 SSA Fen Soil Surface CO2 Flux Data
nasa-ornldaac-458 BOREAS TF-11 SSA-Fen 1995 Leaf Area Index Data
nasa-ornldaac-459 BOREAS TGB-03 Dissolved Organic Carbon Data from the NSA
nasa-ornldaac-46 Leaf Photosynthesis Rates (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-460 BOREAS TGB-04 NSA-BVP Tower Flux and Meteorological Data
nasa-ornldaac-461 BOREAS TGB-04 Water and Sediment Temperature Data over the NSA-BP (Beaver Pond)
nasa-ornldaac-462 BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1994
nasa-ornldaac-463 BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995
nasa-ornldaac-464 BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1996
nasa-ornldaac-465 NPP Boreal Forest: Canal Flats, Canada, 1984, R1
nasa-ornldaac-466 NPP Boreal Forest: Kuusamo, Finland, 1967-1972, R1
nasa-ornldaac-467 NPP Boreal Forest: Siberian Scots Pine Forests, Russia, 1968-1974, R1
nasa-ornldaac-468 NPP Grassland: Charleville, Australia, 1973-1974, R1
nasa-ornldaac-469 NPP Grassland: Matador, Canada, 1968-1972, R1
nasa-ornldaac-47 Leaf Reflectances: LICOR (OTTER)
nasa-ornldaac-470 NPP Grassland: Tumugi, China, 1981-1990, R1
nasa-ornldaac-471 NPP Multi-Biome: TEM Calibration Data, 1992, R1
nasa-ornldaac-472 NPP Temperate Forest: OTTER Project Sites, Oregon, USA, 1989-1991, R1
nasa-ornldaac-473 NPP Tropical Forest: Cinnamon Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1982-1993, R1
nasa-ornldaac-474 NPP Tropical Forest: Gunung Mulu, Malaysia, 1977-1978, R1
nasa-ornldaac-475 NPP Tropical Forest: John Crow Ridge, Jamaica, 1974-1978, R1
nasa-ornldaac-476 NPP Tropical Forest: Luquillo, Puerto Rico, 1946-1994, R1
nasa-ornldaac-477 NPP Tropical Forest: Magdalena Valley, Colombia, 1970-1971, R1
nasa-ornldaac-478 NPP Tropical Forest: Marafunga, Papua New Guinea, 1970-1971, R1