identifier name url platform/instrument
nasa-ornldaac-638 SAFARI 2000 Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Data (Zinke et al.)
nasa-ornldaac-639 SAFARI 2000 Potential Vegetation, 5-min (Ramankutty and Foley)
nasa-ornldaac-64 Optical Thickness Data: Fraser (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-640 SAFARI 2000 River Discharge Data (Coe and Olejniczak)
nasa-ornldaac-641 SAFARI 2000 Tree Cover from AVHRR, 1-km, 1992-1993 (DeFries et al.) national-oceanic-and-atmospheric-administration-11/advanced-very-high-resolution-radiometer-2
nasa-ornldaac-642 SAFARI 2000 Vegetation and Soils, 1-Deg (Wilson and Henderson-Sellers)
nasa-ornldaac-643 SAFARI 2000 Airborne Sunphotometer Aerosol Optical Depth and Water Vapor Data
nasa-ornldaac-644 SAFARI 2000 Annual CO2 Emissions from Soil, 0.5 Deg-Grid (Raich and Potter)
nasa-ornldaac-645 SAFARI 2000 Annual Soil Respiration Data (Raich and Schlesinger 1992)
nasa-ornldaac-646 SAFARI 2000 Global Historical Climatology Network, V. 2, 1990-2001
nasa-ornldaac-647 SAFARI 2000 Selected Soil Characteristics, 10-km Grid (IGBP-DIS)
nasa-ornldaac-648 SAFARI 2000 Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE)
nasa-ornldaac-649 SAFARI 2000 Soil Types, 0.5-Deg Grid (Modified Zobler)
nasa-ornldaac-65 Optical Thickness Data: Ground (OTTER)
nasa-ornldaac-651 Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Litter Chemistry and Decomposition
nasa-ornldaac-652 Literature-Derived Parameters for the BIOME-BGC Terrestrial Ecosystem Model
nasa-ornldaac-653 NPP Multi-Biome: Grassland, Boreal Forest, and Tropical Forest Sites, 1939-1996, R1
nasa-ornldaac-654 NPP Grassland: NPP Estimates from Biomass Dynamics for 31 Sites, 1948-1994, R1
nasa-ornldaac-655 NPP Multi-Biome: Production and Mortality for Eastern US Forests, 1962-1996, R1
nasa-ornldaac-656 GEOECOLOGY: County-Level Environmental Data for the United States, 1964-1979
nasa-ornldaac-657 Woody Biomass for Eastern U.S. Forests, 1983-1996
nasa-ornldaac-658 Global Distribution of Fine Root Biomass in Terrestrial Ecosystems
nasa-ornldaac-659 Global Distribution of Root Nutrient Concentrations in Terrestrial Ecosystems
nasa-ornldaac-66 Optical Thickness Data: Staff (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-660 Global Distribution of Root Profiles in Terrestrial Ecosystems