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nsidc-eloka029 Survey Data of Community-Based Environmental and Species Observations from the Bering Sea Sub-Network, 2008-2009
nsidc-eloka031 The Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (SIZONet) Local Observations Interface
nsidc-eloka032 Yup'ik Environmental Knowledge Project
nsidc-eloka033 Atlas of Community-Based Monitoring in a Changing Arctic (Arctic CBM)
nsidc-g00472 Glacier Photograph Collection
nsidc-g00486 Great Lakes Ice Charts
nsidc-g00494 Great Lakes Aerial Photos of Ice Conditions
nsidc-g00788 Rand Corporation Mean Monthly Global Snow Depth
nsidc-g00791 IABP Drifting Buoy Pressure, Temperature, Position, and Interpolated Ice Velocity
nsidc-g00799 Arctic and Southern Ocean Sea Ice Concentrations
nsidc-g00801 GLERL Great Lakes Air Temperature/Degree Day Climatology, 1897-1983
nsidc-g00802 GLERL Radiation Transfer Through Freshwater Ice
nsidc-g00803 GLERL Great Lakes Ice Thickness Data Base, 1966-1979
nsidc-g00804 GLERL Great Lakes Ice Concentration Data Base, 1960-1979
nsidc-g00805 Great Lakes Surface Ice Reports from U.S. Coast Guard
nsidc-g00807 International Ice Patrol (IIP) Iceberg Sightings Database
nsidc-g00874 International Ice Patrol Iceberg Drift Tracks
nsidc-g00917 NOAA/NMC/CAC Arctic and Antarctic Monthly Sea Ice Extent, 1973-1990
nsidc-g00922 Snowfall and Snow Depth for Canada 1943-1982
nsidc-g00945 Great Lakes Daily Ice Observations at NOAA Water Level Gauge Sites
nsidc-g01092 Historical Soviet Daily Snow Depth (HSDSD)
nsidc-g01111 The Dehn Collection of Arctic Sea Ice Charts, 1953-1986
nsidc-g01130 World Glacier Inventory
nsidc-g01169 Sea Ice Melt Pond Data from the Canadian Arctic
nsidc-g01170 Former Soviet Union Hydrological Snow Surveys, 1966-1996
nsidc-g01171 Central Asian Snow Cover from Hydrometeorological Surveys
nsidc-g01174 Estonian Mean Snow Depth and Duration (1891-1994)
nsidc-g01175 Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (CAPS)
nsidc-g01186 Western Italian Alps Monthly Snowfall and Snow Cover Duration
nsidc-g01187 Russian River Ice Thickness and Duration
nsidc-g01358 Arctic Ocean Drift Tracks from Ships, Buoys and Manned Research Stations, 1872-1973
nsidc-g01359 AWI Moored ULS Data, Weddell Sea (1990-1998)
nsidc-g01360 Submarine Upward Looking Sonar Ice Draft Profile Data and Statistics
nsidc-g01375 Glacier Inventory of West Greenland
nsidc-g01377 Global Lake and River Ice Phenology Database
nsidc-g01378 Airborne Surface Profiling of Alaskan Glaciers
nsidc-g01938 Environmental Working Group Arctic Meteorology and Climate Atlas
nsidc-g01961 Environmental Working Group Joint U.S.-Russian Atlas of the Arctic Ocean
nsidc-g01962 Environmental Working Group Joint U.S.-Russian Arctic Sea Ice Atlas
nsidc-g02120 Norwegian North Polar Expedition 1893-1896: Oceanographic Data
nsidc-g02129 Southern Hemisphere Ice Limits, 1973-1978
nsidc-g02130 Reconstructed North American Snow Extent, 1900-1993
nsidc-g02131 Reconstructed North American, Eurasian, and Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent, 1915-1997
nsidc-g02135 Sea Ice Index defense-meteorological-satellite-program-f-17/special-sensor-microwave-imager-sounder
nsidc-g02139 AWI Moored ULS Data, Greenland Sea and Fram Strait, 1991-2002
nsidc-g02140 Morphometric Characteristics of Ice and Snow in the Arctic Basin: Aircraft Landing Observations from the Former Soviet Union, 1928-1989
nsidc-g02141 Meteorological Data from the Russian Arctic, 1961-2000
nsidc-g02156 IMS Daily Northern Hemisphere Snow and Ice Analysis at 1 km, 4 km, and 24 km Resolutions aqua/advanced-microwave-sounding-unit-a-2
nsidc-g02158 Snow Data Assimilation System (SNODAS) Data Products at NSIDC
nsidc-g02159 Arctic Sea Ice Melt Pond Statistics and Maps, 1999-2001