identifier name url platform/instrument
usda-nass-00004 CropScape - Cropland Data Layer
usda-nass-00005 VegScape - Vegetative Condition Explorer
usda-nifa-rv-0003 National Animal Health Monitoring System
usda-nifa-rv-0004 Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)
usda-nrcs-4252 Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN)
usda-nrcs-4390 SNOwpack TELemetry Network (SNOTEL)
usda-nrcs-comet-farm COMET-FARM
usda-prism-585c8 PRISM
usda-united-states-average-annual-precipitation-1961-1990 United States Average Annual Precipitation, 1961-1990 - Direct Download
usgs-07010000 USGS 07010000 Mississippi River at St. Louis, MO
usgs-100-meter-resolution-natural-earth-of-alaska 100-Meter Resolution Natural Earth of Alaska - Direct Download
usgs-100-meter-resolution-tree-canopy-of-alaska 100-Meter Resolution Tree Canopy of Alaska - Direct Download
usgs-aerial-image-alaskas-arctic-coastal-plain-1955 Aerial Image of Alaska's Arctic Coastal Plain; 1955
usgs-aerial-images-of-alaskas-arctic-coastal-plain-1948-1949 Aerial Images of Alaska's Arctic Coastal Plain; 1948, 1949
usgs-aerial-images-of-alaskas-arctic-coastal-plain-1974-1979 Aerial Images of Alaska's Arctic Coastal Plain; 1974-1979
usgs-agriculture-census-of-the-united-states-2007 Agriculture Census of the United States - 2007 - Direct Download
usgs-arctic-bathymetry-batharcst Arctic Bathymetry (batharcst)
usgs-arctic-geology-geoarcst Arctic Geology (geoarcst)
usgs-arsenic-in-ground-water-of-the-united-states Arsenic in Ground Water of the United States - Direct Download
usgs-atlantic-offshore-seabird-dataset-catalog Atlantic Offshore Seabird Dataset Catalog