identifier name url platform/instrument
nasa-ornldaac-24 Bowen Ratio Surface Flux: USGS (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-240 BOREAS AFM-06 Boundary Layer Height Data
nasa-ornldaac-241 BOREAS AFM-06 Mean Temperature Profile Data
nasa-ornldaac-242 BOREAS AFM-06 Mean Wind Profile Data
nasa-ornldaac-243 BOREAS AFM-06 Surface Meteorological Data
nasa-ornldaac-245 BOREAS AFM-13 Aircraft Flux Analyses
nasa-ornldaac-247 BOREAS Daedalus TMS Level-0 Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format
nasa-ornldaac-248 BOREAS DEM Data over the NSA-MSA and SSA-MSA in AEAC Projection
nasa-ornldaac-249 BOREAS Derived Surface Meteorological Data
nasa-ornldaac-250 BOREAS Elevation Contours over the NSA and SSA ARC/Info Generate Format
nasa-ornldaac-251 BOREAS Forest Cover Data Layers Over the SSA-MSA in Raster Format
nasa-ornldaac-252 BOREAS Forest Cover Layers of the NSA in Raster Format
nasa-ornldaac-253 BOREAS HYD-01 Soil Hydraulic Properties
nasa-ornldaac-254 BOREAS HYD-01 Under Canopy Precipitation Data
nasa-ornldaac-255 BOREAS HYD-01 Volumetric Soil Moisture Data
nasa-ornldaac-256 BOREAS HYD-02 Estimated Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) from Microwave Measurements
nasa-ornldaac-257 BOREAS HYD-03 1996 Tree Stem Density Data
nasa-ornldaac-258 BOREAS HYD-03 Canopy Density Data
nasa-ornldaac-259 BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Depth Data: 1996
nasa-ornldaac-26 Canopy Chemistry (OTTER)
nasa-ornldaac-260 BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Pit Measurements: 1996
nasa-ornldaac-261 BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Temperature Profiles
nasa-ornldaac-262 BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Water Equivalent Data
nasa-ornldaac-263 BOREAS HYD-03 Snow Water Equivalent: 1996
nasa-ornldaac-264 BOREAS HYD-03 SSA/OLD Aspen DBH Data
nasa-ornldaac-265 BOREAS HYD-03 Subcanopy Meteorological Data
nasa-ornldaac-266 BOREAS HYD-03 Subcanopy Radiation Data
nasa-ornldaac-267 BOREAS HYD-04 Areal Snow Course Survey Data
nasa-ornldaac-268 BOREAS HYD-04 Standard Snow Course Data
nasa-ornldaac-269 BOREAS HYD-05 Bear Trap Creek and Namekus Lake Winter Surface Flux Data
nasa-ornldaac-27 Canopy Photosynthesis Rates (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-270 BOREAS HYD-06 Aircraft Gamma Ray Soil Moisture
nasa-ornldaac-271 BOREAS HYD-06 Ground Gravimetric Soil Moisture Data
nasa-ornldaac-272 BOREAS HYD-06 Moss/Humus Moisture Data
nasa-ornldaac-273 BOREAS HYD-08 1994 Gravimetric Moss Moisture Data
nasa-ornldaac-274 BOREAS HYD-08 1996 Gravimetric Moss Moisture Data
nasa-ornldaac-275 BOREAS HYD-08 1996 Gross Precipitation Data
nasa-ornldaac-276 BOREAS HYD-08 DEM Data over the NSA-MSA and SSA-MSA in UTM Projection
nasa-ornldaac-277 BOREAS HYD-08 Throughfall Data
nasa-ornldaac-278 BOREAS HYD-09 Hourly and Daily Radar Rainfall Maps for the Southern Study Area
nasa-ornldaac-279 BOREAS HYD-09 Streamflow Data
nasa-ornldaac-28 Cloud Camera Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-281 BOREAS Level-0 AOCI Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format
nasa-ornldaac-282 BOREAS Level-0 TIMS Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format
nasa-ornldaac-283 BOREAS Prince Albert National Park Forest Cover Data in Vector Format
nasa-ornldaac-284 BOREAS Regional DEM in Raster Format and AEAC Projection
nasa-ornldaac-285 BOREAS Regional Soils Data in Raster Format and AEAC Projection
nasa-ornldaac-286 BOREAS RSS-01 PARABOLA SSA Surface Reflectance and Transmittance Data
nasa-ornldaac-287 BOREAS RSS-02 Extracted Reflectance Factors Derived from ASAS Imagery
nasa-ornldaac-288 BOREAS RSS-03 Atmospheric Conditions from a Helicopter-Mounted Sunphotometer