identifier name url platform/instrument
doe-united-states-renewable-energy-technical-potential-77f43 United States Renewable Energy Technical Potential
doe-u-s-distribution-and-production-of-oil-and-gas-wells-24b0f U.S. Distribution and Production of Oil and Gas Wells
doe-u-s-electric-net-summer-capacity-2004-2008-51372 U.S. Electric Net Summer Capacity, 2004 - 2008
doe-wind-energy-resource-data Wind Energy Resource Data
doe-wind-wind-speed-and-wind-power-density-gis-data-at-10m-and-50m-above-surface-and-0-25-degr-734f6 GIS wind speed and wind power density data for global oceans
doh-wa-sentry-internet-database Washington State DOH Sentry Internet Database
doi-108 The National Map Viewer and Download Platform
doi-118 1997-2014 Edition of The National Atlas of the United States
doi-1985 Monthly hydropower generation data by facility, US Bureau of Reclamation.
doi-25871 Colorado Plateau Rapid Ecoregion Assessment Data Catalog
doi-34512 Earthquake Feeds
doi-4515 WaterWatch -- Current Water Resources Conditions
doi-93 USGS Global Visualization Viewer for Aerial and Satellite Data
doi-95 National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program
dot-airports-national-national-geospatial-data-asset-ngda-airports Airports (National) - National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Airports
dot-amtrak-rail-lines-national Amtrak Rail Lines (National)
dot-amtrak-rail-stations-national Amtrak Rail Stations (National)
dot-border-crossings-national Border Crossings (National)
dot-dams-national Dams (National)
dot-fixed-guideway-transit-lines-national-national-geospatial-data-asset-ngda-transit-lines Fixed-Guideway Transit Lines (National) - National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Transit (Lines)