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nasa-ornldaac-1053 LBA-ECO LC-24 Land Cover Classes from Landsat TM, Uruara, Para: 1986-1991
nasa-ornldaac-1054 LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat ETM+ Forest Cover Classification, Uruara, Para, Brazil: 1999
nasa-ornldaac-1055 LBA-ECO LC-24 Landsat TM and ETM+ Land Cover, Southern Para, Brazil: 1984-2003 landsat-5/thematic-mapper
nasa-ornldaac-1056 LBA-ECO LC-24 Forest Cover Map from MODIS, 500-m, South America: 2001 terra/moderate-resolution-imaging-spectroradiometer
nasa-ornldaac-1057 LBA-ECO LC-01 National, Provincial, and Park Boundaries, Ecuador
nasa-ornldaac-1058 LBA-ECO LC-01 City, Community, and Road Maps, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: 1990-2002
nasa-ornldaac-1059 LBA-ECO LC-01 Hydrography, Morphology, Edaphology Maps, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon
nasa-ornldaac-106 Soil Gas Fluxes Using Soil Cores (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1060 LBA-ECO CD-04 Leaf Photosynthesis and Respiration, Tapajos National Forest: 2000-2006
nasa-ornldaac-1061 LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Volumetric Water Content, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1062 LBA-ECO LC-02 Groundwater Levels, Catuaba Experimental Farm, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2004
nasa-ornldaac-1063 LBA-ECO TG-07 Tree Geometry in an Undisturbed Forest in Cauaxi, Para, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1064 LBA-ECO CD-34 Hyperion 30-m Surface Reflectance, Amazon Basin: 2002-2005 new-millenium-program-earth-observing-1/hyperspectral-imager-2
nasa-ornldaac-1065 BIGFOOT Meteorological Data for North and South American Sites, 1991-2004
nasa-ornldaac-1066 LBA-ECO ND-02 CO2 Flux from Soils in Forests and Pastures, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1067 LBA-ECO ND-02 Stream Water Chemistry, Paragominas, Para, Brazil: 1999-2005
nasa-ornldaac-1068 LBA-ECO ND-04 Secondary Forest Recovery, Structure, and LAI, Central Amazonia, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1069 LBA-ECO ND-04 Secondary Forest Carbon and Nutrient Stocks, Central Amazonia, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-107 Soil Hydraulic Conductivity Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1071 LBA-ECO LC-35 Landsat ETM+ Derived Active Fire Masks, Brazilian Amazon: 2001-2003
nasa-ornldaac-1072 LBA-ECO ND-04 Termite Mound and Soil Characterization, Amazonas, Brazil: 1999-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1073 ISLSCP II Cloud and Meteorology Parameters
nasa-ornldaac-1074 LBA-ECO ND-02 Cation Leaching from Forest and Pasture Soils, Para, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1075 LBA-ECO ND-02 Saturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1076 LBA-ECO ND-03 Forest and Pasture Watershed Hydrochemistry, Rondonia, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1077 NACP North American Forest Dynamics Project: Forest Disturbance and Regrowth Data landsat-5/multispectral-scanner
nasa-ornldaac-1078 A Global Database of Gas Fluxes from Soils after Rewetting or Thawing, Version 1.0
nasa-ornldaac-1079 LBA-ECO LC-07 JERS-1 SAR Wetlands Masks and Land Cover, Amazon Basin: 1995-1996 japanese-earth-resource-satellite/l-band-synthetic-apature-radar
nasa-ornldaac-108 Soil Impedance Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1082 LBA-ECO LC-01 Topographic Data for Intensive Study Areas, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon
nasa-ornldaac-1083 LBA-ECO LC-01 SRTM 90-Meter Digital Elevation Model, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon
nasa-ornldaac-1084 LBA-ECO LC-01 Landsat TM Land Use/Land Cover, Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: 1986-1999
nasa-ornldaac-1085 LBA-ECO TG-07 Forest Soil P, C, and N Pools, km 83 Site, Tapajos National Forest
nasa-ornldaac-1086 LBA-ECO CD-06 Amazon River Basin Land and Stream Drainage Direction Maps
nasa-ornldaac-1087 LBA-ECO CD-06 Ji-Parana River Basin Land Use and Land Cover Map, Brazil: 1999
nasa-ornldaac-1088 LBA-ECO CD-06 Soil Classification Map, Ji-Parana River Basin, Rondonia, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1089 LBA-ECO LC-02 Forest Flammability Data, Catuaba Experimental Farm, Acre, Brazil: 1998
nasa-ornldaac-109 Soil Moisture Data: Peck (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1090 LBA-ECO CD-06 Physical, Political, and Hydrologic Maps, Ji-Parana River Basin, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1091 LBA-ECO LC-02 Daily Meteorological Data, Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil: 1970-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1092 LBA-ECO LC-02 GOES-08 Hot Pixel Data from Acre, Brazil: 1998, 2000, and 2001 geostationary-operational-environmental-satellite-8/imager
nasa-ornldaac-1093 LBA-ECO LC-03 SAR Images, Land Cover, and Biomass, Four Areas across Brazilian Amazon japanese-earth-resource-satellite/l-band-synthetic-apature-radar
nasa-ornldaac-1094 LBA-ECO LC-03 Hypsography, Rivers, Roads, and DEM, Four Areas across Brazilian Amazon
nasa-ornldaac-1095 LBA-ECO LC-08 Passive Ground-based Fire Data, Para and Mato Grosso Brazil: 2001-2002
nasa-ornldaac-1096 NACP Forest Age Maps at 1-km Resolution for Canada (2004) and the U.S.A. (2006) landsat-7/enhanced-thematic-mapper-plus
nasa-ornldaac-1097 LBA-ECO CD-02 C and N Isotopes in Leaves and Atmospheric CO2, Amazonas, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1098 LBA-ECO LC-09 Land Cover Transitions Maps for Study Sites in Para, Brazil: 1970-2001 landsat-5/multispectral-scanner
nasa-ornldaac-1099 LBA-ECO LC-22 Post-deforestation Land Use, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2001-2005 terra/moderate-resolution-imaging-spectroradiometer
nasa-ornldaac-11 Aircraft Flux-Raw: Univ. Col. (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-110 Soil Moisture Gravimetric Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1100 LBA-ECO CD-02 Leaf Water Potential, Forest and Pasture Sites, Para, Brazil: 2000-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1101 LBA-ECO TG-08 Trace Gas Fluxes from Wetted Forest and Pasture Soils, Rondonia, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1102 LBA-ECO LC-08 Ecosystem Demography Model Estimated C, NPP, and Biomass For Amazonia
nasa-ornldaac-1103 LBA-ECO CD-04 LAI Estimated from Photos, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest
nasa-ornldaac-1104 LBA-ECO CD-09 Soil and Vegetation Characteristics, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1105 LBA-ECO TG-08 Soil Gas Flux after Forest and Pasture Fertilization, Rondonia, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1106 A Global Database of Carbon and Nutrient Concentrations of Green and Senesced Leaves
nasa-ornldaac-1107 LBA-ECO TG-07 Seasonal Trace Gas Profiles in Brazilian Amazon Forests: 2004-2005
nasa-ornldaac-1108 LBA-ECO CD-03 Nocturnal Meteorological Data, Forest and Pasture Sites, Para, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1109 ISLSCP II GlobalView: Atmospheric Methane Concentrations
nasa-ornldaac-111 Soil Moisture Neutron Probe Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1110 LBA-ECO TG-02 Biogenic VOC Emissions from Brazilian Amazon Forest and Pasture Sites
nasa-ornldaac-1111 ISLSCP II Globalview: Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
nasa-ornldaac-1112 LBA-ECO LC-22 Vegetation Cover Types from MODIS, 500-m, South America: 2000-2001 terra/moderate-resolution-imaging-spectroradiometer
nasa-ornldaac-1113 LBA-ECO ND-03 Stream and Soil Water Data, Fazenda Nova Vida, Rondonia: 1994-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1114 LBA-ECO CD-01 Meteorological Data, Tapajos and Amazon Rivers, Santarem, Brazil: 2001 geostationary-operational-environmental-satellite-8/imager
nasa-ornldaac-1115 LBA-ECO ND-02 Secondary Forest Small Stem, Non-Woody Biomass, Para, Brazil: 1999-2005
nasa-ornldaac-1116 LBA-ECO TG-07 Long-Term Soil Gas Flux and Root Mortality, Tapajos National Forest
nasa-ornldaac-1117 LBA-ECO ND-02 Soil Gas and Water Content, Rainfall Exclusion, Tapajos National Forest
nasa-ornldaac-1118 LBA-ECO CD-11 Biophysical Measurements of Logged and Fire-Treated Forests, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1119 LBA-ECO ND-01 Streamwater and Watershed Characteristics, Rondonia, Brazil: 1998-1999
nasa-ornldaac-112 Soil Moisture Release Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1120 LBA-ECO CD-06 Isotopic Composition of Carbon Fractions, Amazon Basin River Water
nasa-ornldaac-1121 LBA-ECO ND-07 Carbon and Nitrogen in Cerrado Plants and Soils, Brasilia: 1999-2000
nasa-ornldaac-1124 LBA-ECO ND-07 Nitric Oxide Flux from Cerrado Soils, Brasilia, Brazil: 2004
nasa-ornldaac-1125 LBA-ECO CD-06 Carbon Cycling in Rivers in Amazonas and Acre, Brazil: 2005-2006
nasa-ornldaac-1127 LBA-ECO LC-07 Aquatic Marcophyte Biomass, Monte Alegre Lake, Para, Brazil: 2003-2004
nasa-ornldaac-1128 LBA-ECO TG-03 Aeronet Aerosol Optical Thickness Measurements, Brazil: 1993-2005
nasa-ornldaac-1129 LBA-ECO ND-30 Nutrient Analysis and Gas Fluxes, Forest Chronosequences, Para, Brazil:
nasa-ornldaac-113 Soil Moisture Transect Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1130 LBA-ECO ND-06 Land Use Effects on Soil Nutrients: A Review of Studies 1950-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1131 LBA-ECO ND-30 Water Chemistry, Rainfall Exclusion, km 67, Tapajos National Forest
nasa-ornldaac-1132 LBA-ECO CD-06 Water Balance of the Ji-Parana River Basin, Brazil: 1995-1996
nasa-ornldaac-1133 Water Quality and Spectral Reflectance, Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada, 2010-2011
nasa-ornldaac-1134 LBA-ECO LC-07 Water Quality, CO2, Chlorophyll, Lago Curuai, Para, Brazil: 2003-2004
nasa-ornldaac-1135 LBA-ECO ND-01 Forest and Pasture Soil and Grass Analyses, Rondonia, Brazil: 2003-2004
nasa-ornldaac-1136 LBA-ECO CD-06 CO2 Exchange in River Systems Across the Amazon Basin: 2004-2007
nasa-ornldaac-1137 LBA-ECO TG-03 Solar Surface Irradiance and PAR, Brazilian Amazon: 1999-2004
nasa-ornldaac-1138 LBA-ECO LC-04 THMB Model Simulations for the Amazon and Tocantins Basins: 1939-1998
nasa-ornldaac-1139 LBA-ECO LC-04 IBIS Model Simulations for the Amazon and Tocantins Basins: 1921-1998
nasa-ornldaac-114 Soil Reflectance Data (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-1140 NACP: MODIS Daily Land Incident 4-km PAR Images For North America, 2003-2005 aqua/moderate-resolution-imaging-spectroradiometer
nasa-ornldaac-1141 LBA-HMET PC-06 ECMWF Modeled Precipitation and Surface Flux, Rondonia, Brazil: 1999
nasa-ornldaac-1143 LBA-ECO LC-07 Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Balbina Reservoir, Brazil
nasa-ornldaac-1144 LBA-ECO LC-07 Reflectance Spectra and Water Quality of Amazon Basin Floodplain Lakes
nasa-ornldaac-1145 LBA-ECO CD-37 Secondary Forest Biomass and Age Class, Rondonia, Brazil ice-cloud-and-land-elevation-satellite/geoscience-laser-altimeter-system
nasa-ornldaac-1146 LEDAPS Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code, Version 2 landsat-5/thematic-mapper
nasa-ornldaac-1147 LBA-ECO LC-14 Modeled Soil and Plant Water Balance, Amazon Basin, 1995-2001
nasa-ornldaac-1148 LBA-ECO ND-08 Biomass, Nutrients, and Decomposition in Eucalyptus and Primary Forests
nasa-ornldaac-1149 Ecosystem Demography Model: Scaling Vegetation Dynamics Across South America