identifier name url platform/instrument
nasa-ornldaac-477 NPP Tropical Forest: Magdalena Valley, Colombia, 1970-1971, R1
nasa-ornldaac-478 NPP Tropical Forest: Marafunga, Papua New Guinea, 1970-1971, R1
nasa-ornldaac-479 NPP Tropical Forest: San Carlos de Rio Negro, Venezuela, 1975-1984, R1
nasa-ornldaac-48 Leaf Reflectances: Perkin-Elmer (OTTER)
nasa-ornldaac-480 NPP Tropical Forest: San Eusebio, Venezuela, 1973-1974, R1
nasa-ornldaac-481 BOREAS Level-3b AVHRR-LAC Imagery: Scaled At-Sensor Radiance in LGSOWG Format national-oceanic-and-atmospheric-administration-9/advanced-very-high-resolution-radiometer-2
nasa-ornldaac-482 BOREAS NS001 TMS Level-2 Images: Reflectance and Temperature in BSQ Format
nasa-ornldaac-483 BOREAS RSS-15 SIR-C and TM Biomass and Landcover Maps of the NSA and SSA
nasa-ornldaac-485 BOREAS TE-12 Incoming PAR Through the Forest Canopy Data
nasa-ornldaac-486 BOREAS TE-17 Production Efficiency Model Images
nasa-ornldaac-487 BOREAS TE-19 Ecosystem Carbon Balance Model
nasa-ornldaac-488 BOREAS TE-20 Site Characteristics Data
nasa-ornldaac-489 BOREAS TE-20 Supplementary Site Information For NSA Tower Sites
nasa-ornldaac-49 Longwave Radiation Data: UNL (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-490 BOREAS TE-22 Allometric Forest Survey Data
nasa-ornldaac-491 BOREAS TE-22 Tree Ring Data
nasa-ornldaac-492 BOREAS TE-23 Canopy Architecture and Spectral Data from Hemispherical Photos
nasa-ornldaac-493 BOREAS AFM-01 NOAA/ATDD Long-EZ Aircraft Flux Data over the SSA
nasa-ornldaac-494 BOREAS AFM-02 Wyoming King Air 1994 Aircraft Sounding Data
nasa-ornldaac-495 BOREAS AFM-03 Electra 1994 Aircraft Flux and Moving Window Data
nasa-ornldaac-496 BOREAS AFM-03 NCAR Electra 1994 Aircraft Sounding Data
nasa-ornldaac-497 BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Flux Data
nasa-ornldaac-498 BOREAS AFM-04 Twin Otter Aircraft Sounding Data
nasa-ornldaac-5 Aircraft Flux-Detrended: Univ. Col. (FIFE)
nasa-ornldaac-50 Meteorology (OTTER)