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Reduction in Amazon Cloud Cover due to Smoke 22
Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity 22
The Water Cycle 22
Landsat-7 Data Gap Correction: Washington Dulles International Airport 23
Retreating Margin of the Larsen B Ice Shelf 23
Total Ozone Over Antarctica 23
Landsat Mosaic over Lake Michigan 24
Simulated and Observed Stratospheric Temperature Changes 24
Water Vapor over ARM Southern Great Plains Site 24
Landsat Thermatic Mapper vs. Ikonos 25
U.S. Climate Extremes Index 25
LEDAPS Forest Disturbance Mapping 26
Worst Summer 3-Day Heat Events 26
Linear Trends in the Palmer Drought Serverity Index (PDSI) from 1948 to 2002 27
New York Climate and Health Project: Model Projections 28
Niwot Ridge Ameriflux Site, Colorado 29
Air Pollution Plume Moving Over the Pacific (b) 3
Distribution of AmeriFlux Clusters and Wet Nitrogen Deposition 3
Arctic Perennial Sea Ice, 2003 3
ARM Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment 3
Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC) Network 3
Bering Sea Project Scientists 3
Climate-Induced Changes in Bull Trout Habitat 3
Coconino National Forest, Northern Arizona 3
Crack in Pine Island Glacier 3