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Temperature and Sea Level Change Relative to 1980-1999 41
Urbanization and Net Primary Productivity 42
Variations in Surface Fire Intensity in Boreal Scotch Pine Forests 43
Vertical Extent of Cloudiness 44
Warming Signal by Ocean/Depth 45
Water Resource Extraction and Distribution System 46
Wetting and Drying Phases of the Great Salt Lake 47
Air Pollution Plume Moving Over the Pacific (d) 5
"A-Train" Satellites 5
Black-Capped Chickadee Occurence 5
Change in Ocean Primary Production 5
Potential Climate Change Impacts - Loblolly Pine 5
Climate Warming and Weather Extremes in Nature 5
Earth's Global Annual Average Energy Budget 5
Estimated Deaths and Billion Dollar Losses from Extreme Events in the United States, 2004-2013 -.5 usgcrp-climate-human-health-assessment-2016 Executive Summary
Irrigation and Land Surface Temperature in Oregon 5
Figure 5 -.5 usgcrp-climate-change-adaptation-united-states-federal-natural-resource-science-management-agencies-synthesis-2015 Adaptation Efforts by U.S. Natural Resource Science and Management Agencies
Locations of Combined Wastewater Systems 5
NASA Hyperwall 5
Record Warm Daily Temperatures Are Occurring More Often -.5 climate-science-special-report Executive Summary
Relative risks to food availability for different SSPs -.5 usda-climate-change-global-food-security-us-food-system-2015 Executive Summary
Average Annual Carbon Deposition, 1998-2001 6
The "Blue Marble" 6
Build-Up to the Australian Monsoon Wet Phase 6
Climate Forcing by Greenhouse Gases 6
Cloud Boundaries and Reflectivity 6
Distribution of Forest Aboveground Biomass 6
Changes in Lyme Disease Case Report Distribution -.6 usgcrp-climate-human-health-assessment-2016 Executive Summary
Extreme Precipitation Has Increased Across Much of the United States -.6 climate-science-special-report Executive Summary
Forest Disturbance Mapped from Space 6
Landsat and Saudi Arabian Irrigation 6
Maximum Ozone Concentrations versus Maximum Temperature 6
NCA 2009 Web Deployment 6
Relative risks to food access for different SSPs -.6 usda-climate-change-global-food-security-us-food-system-2015 Executive Summary
Carbon Dioxide Measurements and Experiments (a) 7
Changes in Growing Season: Kazakhstan 7
Characterization of Carbon Matter in Ocean Ecosystems 7
The Climate System and Climate Change 7
Large-Scale Patterns of Natural Variability Affect U.S. Climate -.7 climate-science-special-report Executive Summary
Links between Climate Change, Water Quantity and Quality, and Human Exposure to Water-Related Illness -.7 usgcrp-climate-human-health-assessment-2016 Executive Summary
Florida Scrub Experiment 7
Forest Cover Model Results 7
Global Land Survey Examples 7
Logged Areas in the Amazon Basin 7
NPS & Forest Service Landscape Collaborative Projects 7
Potential Health Effects of Climate Variability and Change 7
Relative risks to food utilization for different SSPs -.7 usda-climate-change-global-food-security-us-food-system-2015 Executive Summary
Carbon Dioxide Measurements and Experiments (c) 8
Change in Water Stress due to Population and Climate Change 8
CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuel Use and Cement Production 8