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Area Burned by Large Wildfires Has Increased -.31 nca4 Appendix 5: Frequently Asked Questions
Lyme Disease Cases Increase Under Warmer Conditions -.32 nca4 Appendix 5: Frequently Asked Questions
Radiation, Absorbing Aerosols, and Cloud Formation 32
Reversal in Wind Direction during the Southwest Monsoon 33
Sea Surface Temperatures, Cloud Ice, and Water Vapor 34
SERVIR - Decision Support for Mesoamerica 35
Snohomish River: Climate and Land Use Change Impacts 36
SOC Stocks, NPP, and SOC Change in the Northwestern Great Plains 37
Summer Maximum Temperature and the Abundance of Collema 38
Surface Air Temperature Change, 1961-2004 39
Air Pollution Plume Moving Over the Pacific (c) 4
The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 4
Aura TES Transect of Atmospheric Pollutants 4
CALIPSO and MODIS Composite Product 4
Carbon Graphical Analysis Tool 4
Climate Change Education Meeting 4
Climate-change effects on agricultural commodities in 2050 under different SSPs and RCPs -.4 usda-climate-change-global-food-security-us-food-system-2015 Executive Summary
Clouds in Earth's Energy Budget 4
800,000 Years of CO2 and Temperature Change -.4 nca4 Appendix 5: Frequently Asked Questions
Effectiveness of the 1987 Montreal Protocol Agreement 4