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   dcterms:identifier "3f51c987-e49b-4988-a05c-d2d9da82dd22";
   rdfs:label "EAGLES/FALCONS/HAWKS AND ALLIES"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:description "Phylum Chordata. Class Aves. All are dirunal birds with keen vision. Falcons are typically smallest of the birds of prey and distinguished by thin tapered wings and a 'tooth' on the side of their beak used for hunting. Hawks and Eagles use their feet for hunting. Eagles are typically larger bodied, with a hooked beak and have heavy heads and beaks. Hawks are medium sized   distinguished by rounded wings and short wide tail and have additional color receptors in their eye giving them ability to percieve ultraviolet light."^^xsd:string;
   a dbpedia:Index_term .