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this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:4cf69f1f) Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: The Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:4cf69f1f) chapter nca4 chapter 19 : Southeast
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:4cf69f1f) finding 19.3: key-message-19-3
identifier 7c7b3164-35ee-4a9d-a346-5e9714e3c9c4
reftype Conference Paper
.reference_type 47
Author Christensen, Norman L.
Conference Location Honolulu, HI
Conference Name Fire Regimes and Ecosystem Properties
Editor H. A. Mooney; T. M. Bonnicksen; N. L. Christensen; J. E. Lotan; W. A. Reiners
Notes Forest Service General Technical Report WO-26
Pages 112-136
Title Fire regimes in southeastern ecosystems
Year 1981
_record_number 24441
_uuid 4cf69f1f-d269-4a5d-8aae-cdd7cedec70f