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this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:fd73d381) chapter nca3 chapter 21 : Northwest
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:fd73d381) figure 21.4: Rising Sea Levels and Changing Flood Risks in Seattle
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:fd73d381) Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment
identifier a14515ea-d2a1-49fc-a78c-9210367c8fc7
reftype Conference Proceedings
Author Zervas, C. E.
Conference Location Washington, D.C.
Conference Name OCEANS, 2005. Proceedings of MTS/IEEE
DOI 10.1109/oceans.2005.1640144
Date 2005
Title Response of extreme storm tide levels to long-term sea level change
Year of Conference 2005