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this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:42051cb9) chapter nca3 chapter 12 : Indigenous Peoples, Lands, and Resources
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:42051cb9) finding 12.3: declining-alaskan-ice-affects-natives
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:42051cb9) chapter nca3 chapter 1 : Overview and Report Findings
this generic cito:isCitedBy (ref:42051cb9) Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment
identifier efafa650-2ee6-4890-9414-edd9f2c37e76
reftype Personal Communication
Author Pungowiyi, C.
Place Published Savoonga, Alaska
Title Siberian Yup'ik Elder, personal communication
Year 2009