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0022d52b-5773-420d-9a76-b8ae7b3dfebe 7.7: Projected Change in Daily, 20-year Extreme Precipitation
006264b2-8594-4e09-9430-a1d0cc056ff7 2.14: Projected Precipitation Change by Season
0090b630-5b8f-40b0-8525-fe94ca45ac08 6.7: Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperatures
00e9897c-67df-4e68-b758-b709e1f5b962 13.1: Ocean Heat Uptake
00eef4da-5af5-4a60-86cd-b5ec5f2e9167 31.6: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
00fdbc7a-fa36-42e9-af07-d040f18f982c 12.5: Tidal Floods
0127907b-d5e7-4315-9657-62e679a7b231 -.2: Example of Increasing Spatial Resolution of Climate Models
0154f4a3-8dbf-4891-9a88-338041a5f3aa 1: Indicator: Global Surface Temperature
01588754-75ba-4c54-9700-39f25b43ab5e 1.4: Projected Changes in Hottest/Coldest and Wettest/Driest Day of the Year
0158fa86-481b-4a0b-8a79-4fd56b553cfd 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
017ba7cb-715f-4a9d-afeb-d47ad6cc7267 17.5: Northeast Blackout
01aed93e-ac9f-4370-be0e-4259cc6f1490 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
01c6b1a6-015e-4064-aec8-fb660687abe0 -.3: Projected Changes in Deaths in U.S Cities by Season
2.4: Projected Changes in Deaths in U.S. Cities by Season
01e0a172-ebc6-4127-9b87-3c8d21078a84 3.8: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
01ff058c-56ef-4bb9-a0c6-95e954d7a5c1 7.7: Projected Change in Daily, 20-year Extreme Precipitation
0223c825-bd24-4c9d-8ed5-f8dce329dc85 7.7: Location of Potential Forestry Biomass Resources
022d9a5d-eec8-4a96-b6f0-6093575ecbc7 3.10: Kaya Identity Decomposition, 2000 to 2015
02627dc3-ce72-4a0f-a032-4a1a64f2ee80 1.14: Overview_severe coral bleaching_v4
02647d86-6f49-4a90-a6c5-34491d753199 48.7: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
02b21e9f-f63c-43c9-8157-e6a58f4f7681 33.25: Increasing Model Resolution