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d917bcbf-f7b8-4ad7-bba3-7089bedf1aae 4.3: A Climate Modeling Timeline
d9a5eae0-6fe4-4fb8-a2bf-5076690f8a38 21.2: Future Shift in Timing of Stream Flows Reduced Summer Flows
d9aaa6ef-8759-421b-8a20-d1d4ce0b7c7a 6.2: Agricultural Distribution
d9af2eb6-a77f-46f7-91b8-87aa9affa74c 3.3: Flows of U.S. Energy Use and Carbon Emissions, 2013
d9bf22ea-33e5-4d07-9c87-2862d2290dfd -.2: 1,700 Years of Global Temperature Change
da6d9b2e-51d8-4fe0-ab14-b57c32202346 18.11: Observed and Projected Impacts of Excess Heat on Emergency Room Visits in Rhode Island
da9074ed-9f95-4eb2-95c0-f167f60cd9f4 2.6: Projected Change in Average Annual Precipitation
da9c8181-5b6f-455c-8405-83a04e51172e 6.3: U.S. Agricultural Trade
dad03735-31e5-4603-a07c-31a1e2f970ea 34.17: Ice Loss from the Two Polar Ice Sheets
daed8535-d9fb-4d10-a6d2-668aac785b37 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
daf87913-29e2-4332-a150-f8b3a0581837 5.2: El Niño and La Niña Winters
db129c5f-6aed-4f88-a71a-3a0d59849731 9.5: Projected Changes in Tick Habitat
db4d291d-17c5-4e10-b760-6c8799a8d709 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
db543046-8ec4-4e7f-87f6-aa82723c28d8 3.10: U.S. Water Withdrawal Distribution
db7dd48c-63de-497e-967d-46e6bb02f8e6 34.10: Early Scientists who Established the Scientific Basis for Climate Change
dba35de2-428a-41f4-ad19-019fda66bd6b 14.3: Global Emission Pathways for Greenhouse Gases
dba484e7-7636-44fa-98ae-1ee568c964e7 1: Indicator: Heat Waves
dba89812-2dfa-421c-84e4-2eadca421d67 44.4a: Observed Number of Very Cold Nights