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0f485d4d-c8ac-4231-9b90-d8fc2776ae72 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
0fbc214f-3796-44e9-88c3-2e78a8a5575e 6.6: Forest Disturbances Across the United States
0fca67bc-e151-466c-9751-c9a840eb8c8b 25.5: Sea Level Rise
10519662-66f3-4db5-8b2e-404f64d203ad 1: Billion Dollar Disasters
105f3fcc-c613-4bd1-be24-a2ea5a06cfee 43.8: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
108f029d-07b3-4dc8-b5fb-fac0fa52277d 34.6: Short-term Variations Versus Long-term Trend
10aa5959-3c58-42b4-a7d6-50645dfc2bee A1.8: All Author Meeting
10d0a2f2-e897-4534-aed0-01d9922d675e 7.7: Projected Change in Daily, 20-year Extreme Precipitation
113f0051-4694-4a00-b3f2-236942257952 17.5: Projected Change in Number of Nights Below 32°F
119a21c8-ca28-44a7-9e66-f8a15616a7f6 7.3: Seasonality of Human Illnesses Associated With Foodborne Pathogens
11cf042a-6664-412f-9ca5-ce749575d3d1 17.4: Projected Change in Number of Days Over 95°F
11e08789-cb39-4bc6-82e7-16fc0420f3ff 1.4: Projected Changes in Hottest/Coldest and Wettest/Driest Day of the Year
11e7f5f6-68e4-4503-96f6-ad2ff26f9aaa 18.3: Lengthening of the Freeze-Free Period
11ecc2d3-fb46-4cfd-8dcb-c851d6afc468 7.5: Regional Ecosystems Impacts
12396952-3a9d-4d03-957a-31ed7355b898 7.6: Future Projection of Regional Extreme Precipitation of 2-Day Duration and 5 Year Return
1245269a-f1e4-41eb-96ed-a34e03bd49b1 13.4: Ocean Carbonate Chemistry
12487d76-b478-4a5d-abb6-be0f742d7404 35.2b: Observed Number of Very Cold Nights
128f074f-ae2c-4f7f-8134-021111b62446 17.1: Complex Sectoral Interactions
12961b12-f04c-41f6-9603-cdc65291eb89 2.15: Newer Simulations for Projected Precipitation Change (CMIP5 models)
12ea91fa-ba64-4f20-aeb3-2cb6bba567ae 1: Frost-Free Season
13013405-6c3c-4b2f-bba6-c43326f0d161 9.4: Atmospheric Rivers
130150ef-dec7-4bbe-9d2b-f5522c071548 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
1310f82c-69bc-4ba3-b31e-21c03c6c6326 20.18: Climate Risk Management Organizations
13129a6d-3955-483b-94fa-d17b139d460c 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
132fdd52-ef25-40ab-a4d1-ba5d3452f6d3 24.4: Warming Seas Are a Double-blow to Corals
134d344e-1618-439a-a6b0-adfe65f2f4db 1: Frost Free Season
13500eed-bef5-420d-ab2e-09a5eb850a64 27.16: Reservoirs in the Marshall Islands
1375b6c5-42ce-42b9-bbb2-1a537f02d1f1 2.5: Orbiting Carbon Observatory
13f8598b-4f97-441d-a8be-1b5ffedc07ff 3.9: Change in Cumulative Share of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Burning, Cement Manufacture, and Gas Flaring
14071bb8-0e8d-41c8-859e-faf6d22e8c5b 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
1464ce44-38d7-43fe-9ec0-1dc7e3b195b0 34.17: Ice Loss from the Two Polar Ice Sheets
1465af8d-6a1c-4d4d-987c-bbba173d8427 A5.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
1493697e-4955-4c44-ae15-05dbad64b1fc A5.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
14b075bc-a413-4fc3-a735-23bcda385219 1: Sea Surface Temperatures
14c33b91-7635-4d90-94ba-509ebfdb1b8e 6.8: Projected Change in Coldest and Warmest Daily Temperatures
14d6d5e3-f40d-42fe-b4eb-b0e2a66f4260 34.8: Temperature Trends, 1900-2012
15052ed0-c13c-4b55-ac80-08f7a974e8fd ES.2: ES.2. Major Carbon Fluxes of North America
15d5e215-75f4-43c6-9802-d6b158526af8 2.6: Changes in Atmospheric Aerosol Loads
15f2c181-976d-408c-8065-9742809d954e -.4: Projected Change in Temperature, Ozone, and Ozone-Related Premature Deaths in 2030
3.2: Projected Change in Temperature, Ozone, and Ozone-Related Premature Deaths in 2030
15f9bad8-f04e-4324-86b1-933576907865 1.3: Projected Changes in U.S. Annual Average Temperatures
1612f573-5441-4c5b-9d10-7ef070c03e42 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
162b52ae-dd20-42a4-a8ca-a94ca2e3a5cb 25.6: Ecosystem Restoration
163681ae-ae4a-459a-9e67-dce8a5ad5a96 20.16: Hurricane Maria Damage
164f1704-9c9c-4bf0-a1a8-b07ae4210e6b 1: Global Surface Temperatures
16d92e99-ddc9-46a0-bab6-57791c9ce121 7.5: Projected Change (%) in Seasonal Precipitation
16f31700-e960-4a49-88d0-f9431b445250 22.4: Reductions in Grassland Area in the Prairie Pothole Region
16f490ce-2359-47a4-aea0-10e46377ef72 5.2: El Niño and La Niña Winters
170b9272-e65d-4683-8cd2-497151f22b75 2.4: Atmospheric Concentrations of CO2, CH4 and N2O
1721e848-812a-41e2-8636-f379b2a2643f 2.4: Atmospheric Concentrations of CO2, CH4 and N2O
172a2c46-f947-403d-a686-a8b9d464c384 42.7: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
173a539b-8c56-4f3b-a849-0efea0401a81 4.1: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
179ec017-9144-49ab-b161-2837cc087a99 1: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
17aa63ef-e952-4e8a-bbbe-69b11d4b0df5 3.12: Water Challenges in a Southeast River Basin
17f04855-9247-4f85-af95-bf5154774fba 34.26: Multiple Pathways for Reducing U.S. Emissions
17f50acf-24fc-404d-b94d-ebf15d4a6260 7.8: Public and Private Forestlands
181b0e9e-be45-483a-90ad-5a2c4ace6833 4.2: Projected Changes in Energy Expenditures
182695b1-5984-474e-b1da-15613b0f3fdd 23.3: Increased Acidification Decreases Suitable Coral Habitat
1836afe8-8989-4fbc-a2be-07affb597581 1.18: Adaptation Measures in Kivalina, AK
183b3490-4098-45e6-a825-f5c4c4317877 10.4: Land Area and Extreme Precipitation
184d25ba-d840-4367-a1ee-9725eb5dd3fc 39.5: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
1878ea5e-17f8-4771-aaa6-152fd0a823df 20.4: Longer Frost-free Season Increases Stress on Crops
18967257-96a5-4e79-84bb-4fb5c70b08f4 12.3: Changes in Sea Level in Sea Surface Height
18cdfbce-66a4-4412-877d-5d86e6758022 33.3a: Observed Number of Very Hot Days
18cf25b1-861f-4eef-a429-b35fc137ff56 ES.3: ES.3. Total Carbon Budget of North American Aquatic Ecosystems
18efe210-5d15-4c66-8029-0d7a543de739 17.6: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
19449d83-eaed-4da4-9e96-9a48cefe806a 24.1: Observed Ocean Warming
1944a2c8-30aa-4ae7-88ae-bf3c6d34a94b 5.3: Cold Season Relationship between Climate Indices and Precipitation/Temperature Anomalies
196c98ea-bdf0-4aa6-9e12-766211451c9a 4.12: USDA Drought Workshop
1976ca9b-3bd4-4ae3-9189-578d9ee542f1 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
198a8131-10f9-45b6-baac-0a4fd4c5b076 2.12: Observed U.S. Precipitation Change
19a2af8f-f6ce-4134-af22-8417932f5aac 28.1: Five Adaptation Stages and Progress
19c43aa4-91aa-43ef-aee8-19d8245d26db A5.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
19f013bb-03f0-47e9-95d3-c716faf0f773 8.1: Water Supplies Projected to Decline
19f3bcda-db0b-4aa4-a297-039a26770bc4 5.5: Incidence of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease by County in the United States
1a00d219-e289-4eb0-a8fd-a0fe9a340065 1: Frost-Free Season
1a061197-95cf-47bd-9db4-f661c711a174 2.14: Projected Precipitation Change by Season
1a2c7572-b347-498e-9ec2-af8030aa5ee8 1: Terrestrial Carbon Storage
1a6d97ec-749e-4688-b0f9-71824fac86dc 24.4: PHOTO: Livestock and Drought
1a904a7c-8aba-4b4d-9178-781270e92a7c 25.1: Temperature Has Increased Across the Southwest
1aa924a3-18fd-4b65-b591-ea3ffd67fe67 1: Indicator: Heat Waves
1ab0dc36-ee39-41ea-ad43-2f37da156fb3 B.3: Precipitation Projections
1ad39297-78e5-4ecc-8e25-51e2f99cb0ae 6.7: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
1ade460a-3688-4ef6-8401-c3411e7d6533 51.8: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
1b0f5242-546c-49f5-ad61-70532222c1ed 3.3: Estimates of Forcings Contributions to Temperature Change
1b644df9-c974-48a3-88cb-a5855159b954 7.4: Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Protein and Minerals
1bab1d75-9785-410d-a842-18629584a799 2.2: Observed and Projected Changes in Carbon Emissions and Temperature
1bbf7600-b067-4125-a9f3-0c7bce42b2f7 24.2: Climate Change Will Impact Key Aspects of Life in the Northwest
1c130a6c-e7ea-4e75-837f-d992135a2184 1.2: Indicators of Change
1c2abf45-7bc0-46ad-8dc5-ede57323e36c 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
1c357c87-c793-4e2d-b6bb-c699b0ae534c 6.4: Observed Changes in Cold and Heat Waves
1c4d141c-6559-4228-b234-f23387234f7b 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
1c7006bd-8042-46a0-b622-ed7c15a3334c 33.29: Ice Cover on Lake Mendota
1ca2536a-0289-4e9d-97d7-86391d2478c4 2.25: North Atlantic Sea Level Change
1cb52eba-e9f1-4fe5-b3b7-369150c5e19d 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
1d1e3836-2f11-411d-a811-13b1f484453d 18.6: When it Rains, it Pours
1d38bce9-5dcc-4326-8823-09ecdc4e9051 9.5: Mapping Communities Vulnerable to Heat in Georgia
1d399364-f6e6-4d98-a35c-ee2259a0abc3 2.10: Sagebrush habitat restoration
1db2ae04-854f-43db-bfb0-31986263ce1e 26.3: Decision-Making Framework
1dc69f99-73e6-471f-84df-246d66b485f0 13.2: Ocean Heat Content