image : 3ed26d18-8183-4a06-bc17-c7479e2ae83d

Ice Loss from Greenland and Antarctica - Rate of Ice Mass Loss from Antartica

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Felix W. Landerer

The time range for this image is January 01, 2003 (00:00 AM) to December 31, 2012 (23:59 PM).

This image was created on August 05, 2013.

The spatial range for this image is 90° to 60° latitude, and -180.00° to 180.00° longitude.

Attributes : ice mass loss, sea level change, GRACE.

This image was derived from dataset GRACE Static Field Geopotential Coefficients JPL Release 5.0 GSM using the activity 3ed26d18-nca3-grace-r201307-process

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