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210dd400-4e00-4362-84a3-fe30137ee5d6 -.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
21dd4fe5-1055-4beb-9287-c55b482e86ae 4.5: Uncertainty in Decadal Mean Temperature
22409ee9-a67b-4402-9557-e1519f464eae -.10: Multiyear Sea Ice Has Declined Dramatically
22562e9e-4abc-41f3-86e1-306b9955749c 11.5: Flash Flooding Impacts Urban Infrastructure and Well-Being
22839afe-c71b-499c-9ac8-d62cbc588386 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
22abc7fa-44ed-4099-8a88-7415b826338e 1: Indicator Global Surface Temperature
22afa80e-a5b1-4987-a268-f528f8bd008a 22.1: Alaska Will Continue to Warm Rapidly
22cdc95e-f424-44e1-80d0-1df0a2071c4e 9.5: Projected Changes in Tick Habitat
22cf98ca-20af-4fc0-ba4d-ef7234aa5be5 2.15: Newer Simulations for Projected Precipitation Change (CMIP5 models)
22d2b879-5dc5-4484-aea4-5864fc09dd63 5.2: Airports Vulnerable to Storm Surge
22e68ddd-8df0-4a1a-8cf0-9ae56f7caf18 1.2: Indicators of Change
230cb2f8-92e0-4897-ab5f-4d6339673832 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
232ae7f2-8db9-4bec-874a-33dccab1135e 1.3: Projected Changes in U.S. Annual Average Temperatures
2331b40d-d174-4f73-94a6-0fcb19ea588f 3.3: Example Climate Indicator: Land Ice
239b5b23-a1b2-4393-b4e3-da9d9d972c4e 18.10: Subway Air Vent Flood Protection
23a2e48a-c129-4b81-a626-c6c913ed24ff 2.7: Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management
23d354a8-0b1f-48ce-b79c-1466cc687f08 14.3: Growing Season Lengthens
23f1a9ba-d53f-48f4-85b0-699c0d61459b 2.2: The new clinical services building at UTMB
243e132a-68c9-4aae-b564-e419b56f54c7 24.4: Warming Seas Are a Double-blow to Corals