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1bab1d75-9785-410d-a842-18629584a799 2.2: Observed and Projected Changes in Carbon Emissions and Temperature
1bbf7600-b067-4125-a9f3-0c7bce42b2f7 24.2: Climate Change Will Impact Key Aspects of Life in the Northwest
1c130a6c-e7ea-4e75-837f-d992135a2184 1.2: Indicators of Change
1c2abf45-7bc0-46ad-8dc5-ede57323e36c 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
1c357c87-c793-4e2d-b6bb-c699b0ae534c 6.4: Observed Changes in Cold and Heat Waves
1c4d141c-6559-4228-b234-f23387234f7b 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
1c7006bd-8042-46a0-b622-ed7c15a3334c 33.29: Ice Cover on Lake Mendota
1ca2536a-0289-4e9d-97d7-86391d2478c4 2.25: North Atlantic Sea Level Change
1cb52eba-e9f1-4fe5-b3b7-369150c5e19d 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
1d1e3836-2f11-411d-a811-13b1f484453d 18.6: When it Rains, it Pours
1d38bce9-5dcc-4326-8823-09ecdc4e9051 9.5: Mapping Communities Vulnerable to Heat in Georgia
1d399364-f6e6-4d98-a35c-ee2259a0abc3 2.10: Sagebrush habitat restoration
1db2ae04-854f-43db-bfb0-31986263ce1e 26.3: Decision-Making Framework
1dc69f99-73e6-471f-84df-246d66b485f0 13.2: Ocean Heat Content
1ddfbbf4-183f-4421-891f-70850440562b A5.32: Lyme Disease Cases Increase Under Warmer Conditions
1dfe7fb8-57bc-4083-ad46-9a24938944ac 2.5: Radiative Forcing of Well-Mixed Gases
1e20263d-6f3f-468f-bce9-faab753fcd49 31.7: New Mexico Palmer Drought Severity Index
1e725912-7bc2-418b-b0a5-2b43c78fce08 28.5: U.S. Drought Monitor August 14, 2012
1eb6f988-680b-45c9-b445-e358c70945f1 6.2: Agricultural Distribution
1f12aac2-52ad-41ec-88a4-f30062276b76 20.11: : Coral Farming Can Increase the Extent and Diversity of Coral Reefs