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2a8ed68d-02b8-4290-9924-0ed6f27c452c 1.4: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
2.18: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
2a9e3f67-32e2-4748-b7ef-9a84adf6a67e 6.5: Changes in Suitable Coastal Vibrio Habitat in Alaska
2aa82cc8-7bf0-4e2d-b335-dea23f3f5acd 18.6: When it Rains, it Pours
2ae45636-74a2-4754-bdd0-3d0eac958069 17.5: Northeast Blackout
2ae93215-92c6-42b8-ad96-2d7295b17a26 22.6: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fuel Production
2aee6a57-837c-4d68-8255-66cae483b239 12.4: Sea Ice Cover Reaches Record Low
2b483d0b-dc48-4007-943a-2bd38d5aaa76 3.7: Observed Changes in Lake Stratification and Ice Covered Area
2b4fefd1-b34c-49eb-b7cd-ea9ea6cd50eb 18.2b: Observed Number of Days Below Freezing
2b698fcc-5fcd-4355-a06d-b98a8d1259af 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
2b79304d-d378-4390-afbf-cddb932ccd3f 4.4: Projected Changes in Seasonal Precipitation
2b9c5b63-3429-4857-8c04-f9ae988037df 6.1: Climate Change Effects on Ecosystem Services
2babfff8-e9ec-4161-85f1-443edfbda5ba 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
2c49e98f-58c3-4afb-8c4f-0100eb8923b1 25.9: Projected Land Loss from Sea Level Rise in Coastal Louisiana
2c7f54b9-99dc-4e09-95b1-f2244bcdf7ab 33.19: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
2ca96461-eab8-4e7d-bd52-0807e3a2f80c 2.6: U.S. Climate Modeling Summit
2cf89fbe-0fbb-47fc-901c-eadf5401878e 3.1: Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disaster Events in the United States
2d204b60-5ee0-4f7d-b60a-22d0ce0eebad 2.3: Radiative Forcing of Climate
2d6fb90b-7d3d-4fce-8f63-36459f80d366 33.20: Projected Annually-Averaged Temperature C hange
34.19: Observed and Projected U.S. Temperature Change
2d8510af-1982-4572-a53b-32f0b0537a16 14.3: Hospitals at Risk from Storm Surge by Tropical Cyclones
2dd33a1f-650f-4d23-8575-3cbb29423ded 1: Indicator: Heat Waves
2ddf02dc-63ed-498f-9d22-9db984e8fd97 1: Indicator U.S. Surface Temperatures
2e3cf5db-9028-4548-9e0b-eb50f0054155 33.21: Projected Wintertime Precipitation Changes
2e41f291-10e6-4012-a98d-e0ac9079e42e 14.2: Global CO2 emissions and probabilistic temperature outcomes of Paris
2e59d1a8-2b65-4206-9c6c-caa08898d074 24.8: Observed and Projected Change in Global Sea Level