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520672c7-ae1c-4c74-bfb1-8088d26e6980 1: Frost-Free Season
522069d8-b16d-4f1c-b595-ed0679681653 5.3: Cold Season Relationship between Climate Indices and Precipitation/Temperature Anomalies
524abf1a-d2ce-4d1e-909a-3197e50b04ba 1.14: Overview_severe coral bleaching_v4
524f07cf-220d-46ab-9360-519a2a62cc4e 26.1: Decision-making Elements and Outcomes
52508815-be59-4f85-86ab-81c1f4b55ea0 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
52b76529-42f0-4808-8051-d9e2b18efc5c 7.6: Future Projection of Regional Extreme Precipitation of 2-Day Duration and 5 Year Return
52cf1dcd-38fb-490f-a7e3-b4f987565e14 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
532d5387-76c4-4284-b15c-e54474d45170 10.5: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
5356c68b-e120-407a-af3d-a2e51bc0f81d 23.7: Cross Section of Edwards Aquifer
535a5a02-8587-46e3-b081-d44bbd81db80 8.5: Societal Options for Resource Allocation in a Changing Climate
5364f0c0-9ce5-4b5e-a852-e15b3fb45b73 1: Sea Level Rise
536f15f6-5493-4bfb-8b5b-d3b1c9909014 14.2: Economic Dependence Varies by Region
53a4db44-3a38-4234-a243-b1df283aaae4 1: Indicator Start of Spring
53c8a7b8-a9de-4f08-b2eb-c978606d47d0 29.3: Estimates of Direct Economic Damage from Temperature Change
54057003-0725-4e72-9061-9a2473c0b2bc 18.3: Lengthening of the Freeze-Free Period
54092888-aab8-4b21-bbb4-8d79faabec67 24.5: Observed Number of Extreme Precipitation Events
541b6642-0e61-4251-a861-71a5c86f8767 33.31: Shifts in Plant Hardiness Zones
5433f9f1-5710-45ea-8167-86a3cb7fe0dd 33.20: Projected Annually-Averaged Temperature C hange
54346951-ba34-4270-9296-9693ec7466c0 2.9: Projected Temperature Change by 2071-2099 (CMIP5 models)
5493908f-3801-4920-9012-028df523475d 12.2: Sea Level Rise, CO2, and Historical Global Mean Sea Level
54e7d22d-a815-4d75-9696-68416e669c85 33.3b: Observed Annual Precipitation
54e8d7d2-804b-4adc-82eb-773a1e828794 2.24: Variation of Storm Frequency and Intensity during the Cold Season (November – March)
5511a702-eed3-487c-8cf7-17b664f38907 11.4: Threats from Extreme Heat
551b669e-4e48-4efc-b213-0a4c3b46f72d 28.9: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
551f49d3-c7bf-4ea8-b96a-8b19abcb96f1 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
5565d957-a9b5-4e3c-b2f0-861c8568e4b6 23.2: Hurricane Harvey Flooding
558e8508-ec8c-4ad9-ae42-092b17f28922 21.1: Solar Carports
55bde8d0-3da9-4942-a230-8c35d01dd71f 25.7: Coast-to-Inland Economic Connections
55bea74c-cdbc-4183-9623-8032df7cceec 33.5: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
55c5aa88-def3-447a-9f15-1985489f753f 1.1: Relationship of scenarios to other ways of thinking about the future
55d5c554-c59a-4d07-bc84-4784e39572c5 -.3: Projected Changes in Deaths in U.S Cities by Season
2.4: Projected Changes in Deaths in U.S. Cities by Season
560133b1-63d8-4db8-8b32-d49341c8e198 27.1: Human Activities and the Global Carbon Dioxide Budget
560f38c5-9fd0-4da4-85c6-955ac30f7187 2.8: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
5640cc5e-1fae-45c4-97d5-dd53db0d8691 27.2: Drivers of U.S. Fossil Emissions
564842f8-855b-47d6-bc29-ca62f4ce6f39 25.3: Severe Drought Reduces Water Supplies in the Southwest
565bd0f6-1eb2-4a5c-899a-65a485db4d5e 2.12: Observed U.S. Precipitation Change
5668c3a7-e78d-48a3-a25d-1dc221b27a00 2.6: Projected Change in Average Annual Precipitation
56909ac9-5b1f-4e7c-8435-258813ff521c 2.3: Emissions in the Amazon tropical canopy
56c53ad9-1cd5-4b91-b332-30b7e07de5d2 19.5: Land and Ocean Carbon Cycle Feedbacks from Two Generations of Coupled Carbon-Climate Models
56d3b8fd-9d3c-4c31-9069-21e05991c524 1: Sea Surface Temperatures
57070289-becb-4642-a620-da71eb20eee4 16.3: U.S. Military Relief Efforts in Response to Typhoon Haiyan
5724b480-d9a3-496b-9982-84ba2b294b38 20.5: Ocean Chemistry and Temperature
572e9f3a-0a45-4c35-af07-cb8b02babf36 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
573b3112-9a23-4762-b041-e69b0706bea2 26.2: Box 26.1 - Polar Bears & Walruses
57547786-dba7-4c16-9ff5-ddca9c9b3ec9 44.1: Observed and Projected Temperature Change
57607537-8a25-4f64-92d9-fec5fced7bc2 15.1: Compound Extremes and Tipping Elements
577b7cf7-6e41-4d91-846f-293aab6d926d 3.6: NMME Forecasts March 2012
5799faab-2836-4f14-a6a0-85d0c79ce726 7.3: Forest Vulnerability to Changing Climate
57db734f-7bfc-454d-95fb-777a40082cac 34.24: Potential Tipping Points