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7b68dc1b-244c-4799-a3fb-ed28ec3448eb 9.7: Heavy Downpours are Increasing Exposure to Disease
7b6f9ddd-f6d0-4d31-b144-e43b1c6e20f6 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
7b723a93-79c5-44e6-97d1-4bba873930fc 6.3: Locations of Livestock and Projections of Heavy Precipitation
7b8055e6-2020-4771-ad21-74b2551aabb9 28.1: Status of State Climate Adaptation Plans. .
7bc9c7de-1aa9-4645-8339-8a170f3c8ca0 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
7c177082-4ef3-45c4-859f-ff2fec2b5e2b 27.10: Projected Onset of Annual Severe Coral Reef Bleaching
7c80db29-3fd7-45c0-8fc0-4a37bea5dc7a A5.31: Area Burned by Large Wildfires Has Increased
7cc0679a-2354-4725-b7f4-9438e418409a 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
7cd71a3f-0bca-4f40-8f73-af3ff1325ad1 6.6: Assessment of Annual Surface Temperature Trends
7cdabdde-bce9-40aa-80c7-33456947b0ff 2.13: Land cover change in Nevada
7e070fc4-83b3-4307-81bb-5045fa92e9fa 22.1: Alaska Will Continue to Warm Rapidly
7e2eaa2c-aa29-444d-864e-522849748197 1: Indicator Terrestrial Carbon Storage
7e538b7a-5296-46a8-83e8-ed2ce2627f21 2.5: Observed and Projected Change in Seasonal Precipitation
7e9ed769-3d85-4607-8ab7-be2566b208d8 11.1: Current and Projected U.S. Population
7ea47037-48b0-4e9b-af87-81ab4c211349 3.2: Depletion of Groundwater in Major U.S. Regional Aquifers
7ec0ca18-7c64-4d18-9dcf-b1e78e8cba05 1.5: Hiatus Box
7ee4c379-714f-4e90-98aa-80ec8a037424 A5.25: Relative Sea Level Projected to Rise Along Most U.S. Coasts
7f0025f0-6c74-40da-8c71-2813e60b2ba8 35.4: Observed Number of Extreme Precipitation Events
7f1ee41d-1fa8-41af-9b92-19f05ff74d00 33.4: Heat-Trapping Gas Levels
7f21eefd-3d50-4489-af14-90caf713dcbd 23.9: Climate Winners and Losers (Gray Snapper and Southern Flounder)
7f741204-031c-45f3-8122-f2f0bece2746 18.5: Ocean Heat Wave of 2012
7f76fb3f-a07e-4996-9988-7b0f82d8867e A1.8: All Author Meeting
7f9f85ec-584d-4a73-939e-339e0ead721c 24.2a: Observed Number of Extremely Hot Days
7fcaaa70-d164-446a-af6a-2a784693f587 1.19: Mitigation-Related Activities at State and Local Levels
7fdc1bab-e806-4083-92c3-a550b35f96cd 3.2: Flathead River Watershed