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09289ca2-b73d-4f63-b98c-31f2bfd7aa5b 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
093b83a0-a3dc-430d-a480-1052fbb61e11 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
095dd9b9-810d-4035-bd6d-c660de1b4f38 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
09cc6e48-8296-4beb-89a0-f7ac931ad875 -.28: Greenland and Antarctica Are Losing Ice
09fd37c9-7b4a-4034-97e9-81e4d7eab73c 9.1: Hectares (ha) of Aboveground Forest Biomass Across North America
0a4f66d3-04c7-4f49-a5ce-59f5dda6c7f3 15.3: Nitrogen Emissions
0b0ca519-8b05-4fef-b589-524446896b8e 10.1: Agricultural Jobs and Revenue
0b0d3bbd-d459-44f6-94af-96c74461245f 18.3: Crop Yields Decline under Higher Temperatures
0b601a5b-b506-4319-860e-f71d532900f2 1: Indicator Sea Surface Temperature
0b6cc5e1-7601-4687-8e9b-6d8c547fb1e1 5.5: Incidence of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease by County in the United States
0bcb7984-50c0-4f94-9946-c3fa635125a4 1.1: Ten Indicators of a Warming World
2.1: Ten Indicators of a Warming World
34.2: Ten Indicators of a Warming World
0be96be8-7e81-49cf-80da-fd43c32bf570 8.1: Projected Change in Soil Moisture, End of Century, Higher Emissions
0bf5a87c-8489-4a62-96a0-c404cc8e2ad3 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
0bfda129-9818-4ef9-83a9-ecde7b086bd4 15.2: Human Activities that Form Reactive Nitrogen and Resulting Consequences in Environmental Reservoirs
0c37d4dc-46da-49c1-aa33-f45021f194ae 19.5: Projected Number of Warm Nights
0c3eb1d1-ab03-4137-a7c8-3ea2a5a8349e 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
0c7b9de7-4c5e-4310-a865-6e73e1ed8db8 -.10: Observed and Projected Changes in Global Temperature
0c8e160a-fa8f-4d59-b7dd-d8113c33ab4d 25.6: Ocean Temperature Increase
0ca48669-8d06-4389-9996-e8615f5d115b 3.6: NMME Forecasts March 2012
0d40038a-59ec-47fa-ac22-3ea731d49e1f 19.2: Projected Change in Number of Hot Days