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78081889-1805-45f7-902c-592a79a901c3 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
78202211-dff9-4cf7-8208-95576a9d5bb2 19.6: Increases in Irrigated Farmland in the Great Plains
7850660e-6cf9-4a5f-894b-b4596ae8023d 3.2: Annual Surface Soil Moisture Trends
7869532e-9f68-4bf1-b7a4-b6a7e9d27c1c 18.3: Example of Results from a Global Integrated Assessment Model
78844f42-b6ab-427f-9cfc-145647135291 16.2: Projected Increases in the Number of Days over 90°F.
7884eba0-902b-4c3d-b925-ad970500c3b5 27.2: Climate Indicators and Impacts
78e67079-018c-45ed-a1c2-33f33b718316 A5.23: Benefit of Earlier Action to Reduce Emissions
792fcb6c-7ba3-4513-9474-7dbbd0d07a7b 3.2: Burn Scar Outside Fort Collins, CO
79398f3e-b209-4c61-9d78-be9792e6f98a 18.14: Plover Case Study
793f85be-581f-4c72-8935-22a14cd44ec6 5.8: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
79509c4c-050a-4568-931d-e8138bc441e3 44.4b: Observed Annual Precipitation
795af036-39df-492c-af56-11dae732818e 21.6: Coldwater Fish at Risk
796299ee-bbe4-4c9c-8fd5-987cc1e39990 2.1: Human and Natural Influences on Global Temperature
798d5181-94ab-4d80-a443-e079b64a85e8 18.2: Evolution in the Complexity of Knowledge Production and User Participation
79a5c573-d0ac-4adf-b75f-97a1d849d3f2 1: Heat Waves
79b7a8f7-246a-4359-a1da-78598999d24d 14.2: Carbon Fluxes from Inland Waters of the Conterminous United States and Alaska
79c8b146-9175-40ab-8357-516310856349 27.7: Hawaiian Forest Bird Species
79ee8270-50f2-48a0-925b-98d0206fa1c4 8.7: Vision 2100: Designing the Coastal Community of the Future
7a3d0637-6dc5-467f-9141-f2e8b13cfcf4 1.10: Prairie Strips
7a8b886c-e310-43b6-a789-d5ce6d8841a5 1: Arctic Sea Ice Extent