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0c3eb1d1-ab03-4137-a7c8-3ea2a5a8349e 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
0c7b9de7-4c5e-4310-a865-6e73e1ed8db8 A5.10: Observed and Projected Changes in Global Temperature
0c8e160a-fa8f-4d59-b7dd-d8113c33ab4d 25.6: Ocean Temperature Increase
0ca48669-8d06-4389-9996-e8615f5d115b 3.6: NMME Forecasts March 2012
0d40038a-59ec-47fa-ac22-3ea731d49e1f 19.2: Projected Change in Number of Hot Days
0d55b07f-3b55-423a-b4c2-567f1beddffe 6.4: Observed Changes in Cold and Heat Waves
0d6b3ce9-a419-4266-91f9-574667da1e9f -.6: Extreme Precipitation Has Increased Across Much of the United States
0d6c3eaf-0d83-4fa8-be4b-7a85e08e93dc 18.3: Observed Number of Very Warm Nights
0de8b1ee-0f0f-421e-97ce-27230eef2cc1 19.3: Projected Change in Number of Warm Nights
0e39bf09-7146-4639-a79e-2b73b34562c7 17.1: Billion Dollar Weather/Climate Disasters
0e49e8a7-1779-49ab-8277-4e59b6a76a1a -.4: Projected Change in Temperature, Ozone, and Ozone-Related Premature Deaths in 2030
3.2: Projected Change in Temperature, Ozone, and Ozone-Related Premature Deaths in 2030
0e4a849b-eae0-4036-9195-a8c108ff51a8 1.5: Hiatus Box
0e7a1489-251a-482a-ad83-c960d21355be 10.2: Population Changes and Poverty Rates in Rural Counties
0e7b9f23-c8a5-4a33-b57c-7587777ba1a8 33.18: Only Human Influence Can Explain Recent Warming
0e82c2b7-5624-4e58-9c27-7f607bc05cd3 1: Marine Species Distribution
0e8bd300-3293-4cdf-9a4e-df44b2052346 7.1: Annual and Seasonal Changes in Precipitation
0eaa9484-50e6-4d85-845a-1bb2926c8d3d 18.1: Temperatures are Rising in the Midwest
0f2171ae-d978-4292-a843-1124916c1b2b 8.4: Examples of Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Habitats
0f221dbe-1d51-4b86-9d33-4d9fb9e924b1 5.1: U.S. Planted Area: Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and Upland Cotton, 1990 to 2015
0f31f1eb-3915-4e46-9127-6e37c5cd563b 17.2: Shrinking Lands for Tribal Communities