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e09b1ab4-9888-4352-a726-fa8a1b580fbe 21.5: Climate Change Outpaces Plants’ Ability to Shift Habitat Range
e09b82af-2742-46b3-9528-861acaab565a 8.1: Projected Change in Soil Moisture, End of Century, Higher Emissions
e0d0caed-1a1e-4f25-8c28-16852f39c8b1 8.2: The Aftermath of Hurricanes
e0e3eb4a-9176-4313-b0ee-f424e537a14d 5.3: Development in the Houston Area
e11f0119-aa4e-42be-a670-97ace049faa2 18.3: Lengthening of the Freeze-Free Period
e13cdf2e-0699-4c52-a642-56c8fc3317c4 33.1: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect
34.11: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect
e175b39f-5e21-428b-9a16-9c85146b1562 7.2: Genetic Diversity and Climate Exposure
e198481a-4966-48d2-bf30-de8d0526d3c7 2.9: Notable 2017 Hurricanes
e1c6b672-eeed-4b3f-89e7-c22d03d255bb 14.3: Global Emission Pathways for Greenhouse Gases
e1e25ef3-9de8-4bd2-96b3-09b1c3512c4e 12.5: Tidal Floods
e25d02b9-3f9e-45f3-a563-d92f1aae0347 13.3: Projected Land Covers (2010-2050)
e28a1733-c495-4c62-9a89-59e66d5c4b6e 12.3: Changes in Sea Level in Sea Surface Height
e296cc1a-673c-4370-91df-f24f9207b346 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
e2a642bf-46c0-4103-add4-1b05a5c044f4 8.2: The Aftermath of Hurricanes
e2b584f1-f94f-4f0d-8aec-aa3938f8cf45 2.4: Atmospheric Concentrations of CO2, CH4 and N2O
e2c2cade-b822-4555-84ee-83e9e0f2e2f0 2.8: Increase in total heat wave days
e2c8bd5b-09e0-431d-bde9-e55b16f2ea66 2.9: Flooding in Bangladesh
e30b4e0f-c719-4542-a3c7-1250cebbcdcb 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
e30c6922-9cc6-4b56-b04d-5dd854a14c52 7.3: Trends in First Leaf and First Bloom Dates