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c6e6a4b8-840f-4d4c-9487-9699fb94dd31 34.7: Global Temperature Change: Decade Averages
c6fd686f-4f34-4e21-a7ae-7dda269ee661 2.6: Observed and Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation
c71934af-fb3b-4029-bf44-f08fc607eae6 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
c741d9aa-ecb5-4fb8-9403-8f735f09085e 2.9: Notable 2017 Hurricanes
c75d4166-3323-49d2-8311-61e86fe4aa5a 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
c7b771-9112-420b-a538-dac5491d7cb3 10.8: Renewable Energy and Land Use
c7bebf10-60a4-48b5-89f5-f0aed817e7f2 24.8: PHOTO: Smoky hiking
c7ceb1d7-1d0c-4aba-91ad-bbd4ea663af9 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
c807881d-468a-4e21-bcfd-5bd54a6ba2d8 1.1: Radiative Forcing (Relative to 1750) Due to Major Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
c807db0f-7a8c-4e34-bc57-c91f7a81b80d 19.18: Warm Winters Favor Invasive Species
c823efbe-ab8d-4332-a32d-0a4b7588f750 20.16: Hurricane Maria Damage
c829f118-e2f0-49f7-be8f-2e54bc729bbf 25.9: Projected Land Loss from Sea Level Rise in Coastal Louisiana
c8484765-3d50-48dc-a2e3-09cb56610265 2.10: Observed Increase in Frost-Free Season Length
c875a6de-4f5e-4c5f-8ca2-1d2da2f0b448 24.10: PHOTO: Coastal Floodwaters
c8b91a83-afd5-49e8-a205-c1f42debbe9d 34.10: Early Scientists who Established the Scientific Basis for Climate Change
c8dddc53-133f-4e46-bcc5-c2506ce3860d 19.15: Projected Changes in Plant Hardiness Zones
c8e8eb98-e122-4244-a8d8-9887dc244f44 -.25: Relative Sea Level Projected to Rise Along Most U.S. Coasts
c8ef3fa3-ff66-46ca-a1e0-00559a001105 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
c906f92c-0460-4d5f-a179-6e764110eac4 2.6: Changes in Atmospheric Aerosol Loads
c90fb657-6b26-4887-a0f0-c91117a40f3d 11.1: Change in Annual Sea Ice Extent