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e31bcd58-1a6c-4fbd-b413-427a64ad17cc 2.4: Measuring Biodiversity
e3218aa0-79b7-4c35-8623-d58d4917e89e 19.1: Historical Changes in Hot Days and Warm Nights
e323a2e7-cb74-4886-ac02-e0e7292d927f 6.3: Locations of Livestock and Projections of Heavy Precipitation
e3822961-6409-4226-8dd7-690abebfdb03 11.4: Changes in Muir Glacier Extent
e3a1dd4e-b182-491c-925d-0776e05dcb11 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
e3c52085-57d6-4d89-b2b2-865d7bf54464 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
e3fb627a-913c-415f-bc4d-14807545144a 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
e449bf9b-4b3b-4b02-88bb-347473d66d4d 6.7: Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperatures
e44b58cf-af18-474e-89d1-22e1c15c375c 2.13: Annual Maximum Precipitation and Changes in Consecutive Dry Days
e47dedc4-eb24-4e91-8880-1d0dcb59e8d0 2.3: Iceberg in North Star Bay
e4a31e41-3381-4772-ad0f-9a2eb3c875f8 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
e4e34dfc-59d4-4d99-aa11-9aebfb5504ea 20.17: Maximum Extent of Drought
e4ec6b07-a1a6-4eb1-88f7-0c6d52d5a6bc 33.14: Warming Trend and Effects of El Niño/La Niña
e4ee3f29-b2f6-48c5-975a-3a09cb5bb4c4 2.9: Projected Temperature Change by 2071-2099 (CMIP5 models)
e5101c70-a821-4f52-ba56-d7f5c3cd3e79 2.11: Projected Changes in Frost-Free Season Length
e54c9b2e-dcce-42a9-82d7-a0a9e7c5f01f -.5: Regional Engagement Around NCA4
e59ec3a7-5403-4544-9380-4ea4e6f059fd 6.4: Projections of Vibrio Occurrence and Abundance in Chesapeake Bay
e5ae2a71-c151-46c2-b07b-810beb8f1d4c 3.10: U.S. Water Withdrawal Distribution
e5d4589e-ff08-463e-9641-01b43d1b0d43 1: Indicator: U.S. Heat Waves