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ce42bdfc-bc97-4d10-9927-a2a02d5d7d1f 16.6: Coney Island after Hurricane Irene
ceb09af6-542e-40a4-9d81-7990a1e6c068 A.1: The Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2) Team Structure and Interactions
ceef4068-8691-4dd6-af99-dc13e308a496 4.13: U.S. Drought Monitor July 2012
cf6d4cd0-7b93-4e4b-8c48-5f8450784455 -.4: Report Process
cf77f73e-5fc8-411a-9b9c-467e4cbb40ea 24.4: Warming Seas Are a Double-blow to Corals
cf8e9eca-386c-4099-b1b9-b16d53bc6d0a -: Indicator: Global Sea Level Rise
cf96f689-c419-42e1-9f50-bdbbbaafd572 7.4: Projected Range Expansion of Invasive Lionfish
cfaeff5a-7295-4049-935a-6f659da61572 20.11: : Coral Farming Can Increase the Extent and Diversity of Coral Reefs
cfafefc7-f04f-4cb3-8e7e-2978c92e2ae4 2.15: Newer Simulations for Projected Precipitation Change (CMIP5 models)
cfb908a8-02de-45e4-b82d-98b4472106e3 33.3c: Observed Number of Extreme Precipitation Events
cfe0088a-0157-43e0-90f3-f6b13b4b92db 19.10: Days Above 100ºF in Summer 2011
d0071e72-aa66-402d-aa5b-d17e1001e96f 9.6: Projected Change in Summer Precipitation
d0439a16-59ff-4735-94e2-d4ae1db66703 26.8: Energy Needed for Heating Decreases Across Much of Alaska
d079a4f6-b0d8-4ef3-b946-33ee4a6ef824 6.7: Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperatures
d0d768f5-5999-4bb0-bce6-2ff2859b73dd 6.6: Reduced Winter Chilling Projected for California
d10fe9c3-170e-4953-afe7-38b727bdf81f 17.6: Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise
d1a798a8-6c5b-45f9-9113-e41344aae356 -.1: Global Temperatures Continue to Rise
d1adab37-d981-4a4c-af3c-a555f03d8554 16.8: Storm Surge Barrier
d21ef937-1e90-4600-9fb2-a03b4328a963 2.22: Projected Changes in Soil Moisture for the Western U.S.
d2407102-d687-4547-80f9-2829d180af32 2.5: Observed and Projected Change in Seasonal Precipitation