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1310f82c-69bc-4ba3-b31e-21c03c6c6326 20.18: Climate Risk Management Organizations
13129a6d-3955-483b-94fa-d17b139d460c 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
132fdd52-ef25-40ab-a4d1-ba5d3452f6d3 24.4: Warming Seas Are a Double-blow to Corals
134d344e-1618-439a-a6b0-adfe65f2f4db 1: Frost Free Season
13500eed-bef5-420d-ab2e-09a5eb850a64 27.16: Reservoirs in the Marshall Islands
1375b6c5-42ce-42b9-bbb2-1a537f02d1f1 2.5: Orbiting Carbon Observatory
13f8598b-4f97-441d-a8be-1b5ffedc07ff 3.9: Change in Cumulative Share of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Burning, Cement Manufacture, and Gas Flaring
14071bb8-0e8d-41c8-859e-faf6d22e8c5b 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
1464ce44-38d7-43fe-9ec0-1dc7e3b195b0 34.17: Ice Loss from the Two Polar Ice Sheets
1465af8d-6a1c-4d4d-987c-bbba173d8427 -.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
1493697e-4955-4c44-ae15-05dbad64b1fc -.26: Annual Minimum Sea Ice Extent Decreasing
14c33b91-7635-4d90-94ba-509ebfdb1b8e 6.8: Projected Change in Coldest and Warmest Daily Temperatures
14d6d5e3-f40d-42fe-b4eb-b0e2a66f4260 34.8: Temperature Trends, 1900-2012
15052ed0-c13c-4b55-ac80-08f7a974e8fd ES.2: ES.2. Major Carbon Fluxes of North America
15d5e215-75f4-43c6-9802-d6b158526af8 2.6: Changes in Atmospheric Aerosol Loads
15f2c181-976d-408c-8065-9742809d954e -.4: Projected Change in Temperature, Ozone, and Ozone-Related Premature Deaths in 2030
3.2: Projected Change in Temperature, Ozone, and Ozone-Related Premature Deaths in 2030
15f9bad8-f04e-4324-86b1-933576907865 1.3: Projected Changes in U.S. Annual Average Temperatures
1612f573-5441-4c5b-9d10-7ef070c03e42 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
162b52ae-dd20-42a4-a8ca-a94ca2e3a5cb 25.6: Ecosystem Restoration
163681ae-ae4a-459a-9e67-dce8a5ad5a96 20.16: Hurricane Maria Damage