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d5b04115-93fc-4351-a2dd-276c9318f0ba -.8: All Author Meeting
d5db38cb-12fc-4b93-b485-a58a2d9584b9 9.4: Teragrams (Tg) of Carbon in Western U.S. Trees Killed by Disturbances
d63ffa5f-2ee3-4c9b-8deb-e8e34305843e 20.1: U.S. Caribbean Region
d66c9cc3-d961-4144-9854-e93266fe20cd 11.7: Urban Adaptation Strategies and Stakeholders
d681f23c-4775-4211-8a10-5e9c5e19ff0d 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
d6a45633-65ab-4318-9a06-8071ffc8c47a 2.2: Measuring carbon dioxide storage by the ocean
d6b03280-7a3e-47ab-b109-caffc4bee634 2.20: Projected Temperature Change of Hottest and Coldest Days
9.4: Projected Temperature Change of Hottest Days
d7240194-d8ba-4729-ade6-be732eeb03ee 21.5: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
d742a575-a162-4363-ae13-16eada433453 -.7: First Chapter Leadership Meeting
d762521c-04b5-413a-91c5-f7c831a9981b 10.1: Management Activities and Their Effects on Grassland Carbon Cycling
d770bacd-44ec-4be8-873e-bbb44058d780 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
d78336a7-cbee-4e48-b4b4-6a8435bf4f46 1: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
d7a4b18c-4609-4420-b7fb-59e2c2eb9801 23.9: Climate Winners and Losers (Gray Snapper and Southern Flounder)
d7bd5e9e-d6f1-48cc-bf45-0c1bffc14fe9 -.4: Significantly More Warming Occurs Under Higher Greenhouse Gas Concentration Scenarios
d7ce5597-2726-4cc7-8a1d-f7c9f88a7e08 20.6: Observed and Projected Sea Level Rise
d7f2c49b-fefa-4a86-b390-4b1451d5b506 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
d8405dd4-b0c2-43e6-9ea6-401a077ae03f 3.4: Ragweed Pollen Season Lengthens
d85c1cb4-041b-4ddb-a4dc-ab7c6804f0f2 7.2: Genetic Diversity and Climate Exposure
d8685f80-21fa-4e37-8c86-bf1829376f8a 2.8: Projected Temperature Change
d86a14f9-d26b-4366-9632-646a8b3f5aca 3.19: Thunderstorm clouds in regional climate models