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dba35de2-428a-41f4-ad19-019fda66bd6b 14.3: Global Emission Pathways for Greenhouse Gases
dbafbd15-a2e2-43f7-bf3c-1a98a4e302e0 12.4: Projected Global Mean and Relative Sea Level
dbd039ba-7291-49a8-958c-4bc5cae96b5c 11.3: Projected Change in Number of Days with Heavy Precipitation
dbde7a68-fc55-4883-9de7-cbaf1f7e4954 15.2: Infrastructure and Economic Vulnerabilities
dc185e00-278e-42e8-babd-d8aba4faf1ee 26.2: Boundary Processes Linking Decision-Makers and Scientific/Technical Experts
dc2cdeca-2423-4f5a-a547-857f180a6005 27.4: Emergency Drought Action for Island Residents
dc3367e4-3fb9-448a-83fd-e27edbf019f3 1: Indicator Annual Greenhouse Gas Index
dc7a3c42-e103-4773-bf88-35ce46327652 9.2: Flow Diagram of Active Carbon Exchanges and Stores Between the Atmosphere and the Forest Sector
dcbe9536-1f49-449b-9cbe-6fabe5adcd78 27.17: A Marshall Islands Storm
dd1e22cd-d098-4052-a291-c6188ae24c8b 7.3: Seasonality of Human Illnesses Associated With Foodborne Pathogens
dd7081ef-abb7-4701-9bb1-9a4163c131cb -.3: The Greenhouse Effect
dd7ed547-7dda-48f1-b8e4-ec1135f155b4 -.5: Record Warm Daily Temperatures Are Occurring More Often
dddd358e-4a8c-4f6e-b90f-42814502afa8 18.2: Projected Mid-Century Temperature Changes in the Midwest
de457a7b-b3c6-4490-a39c-13ff287758e4 2.9: Notable 2017 Hurricanes
de545ab0-fa04-4b85-a19a-72a113171510 8.4: Examples of Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Habitats
de642922-7396-453b-b35a-d5482849eee5 8.5: Societal Options for Resource Allocation in a Changing Climate
de700ffc-68d5-40e9-a2a1-b162f8909b0c 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
de96e638-d234-4f35-a653-e0258cca11ed 1.2: Global Land and Ocean Temperature Anamolies
defd52b7-e93b-4496-b5f3-bd5955c515df 18.1: Observed and Projected Temperature Change