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e82d044c-846f-4a88-ad4f-6b92e94d14b4 11.3: Wildfire Occurrence in Alaska from 1939 to 2015
e835b47d-35ba-4a09-aee9-f5cec6b62c3f 20.9: Climate Change Effects on Coral Reefs
e8d9fc4f-421b-48c1-a355-e493d8e8f83 2.8: Projected Temperature Change
e962edb6-7c66-4368-9a97-84e9214f623e 25.6: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
e96b3c6e-ba86-43e6-bdfc-8af829dfa1b7 A5.11: Comparison of Climate Models and Observed Temperature Change
e97e34c9-538b-4e42-8a1d-82cd3d5a19b3 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
e9806712-c308-4a8d-a565-0911de58d950 5.6: Climate Impacts on West Nile Virus Transmission
e9933982-7104-4aea-b7fd-ef77c6a0a26c 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
e9ab5ad6-98e8-4ecd-8dfd-888d3da5cda3 20.5: Coastal Risks Posed by Sea Level Rise and High Tides
e9ab888b-a7ea-445c-8a2c-1da44d89c56f 6.6: Reduced Winter Chilling Projected for California
e9c72569-160b-45fc-a678-40df23470901 1: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
ea068b20-6c20-4f8b-baec-386d4cfab118 33.12: 1700 years of Temperature from Proxy Data
ea1073ea-fb24-4aef-9d11-a20c1e07e7f0 24.3: Ocean Acidification Reduces Size of Clams
ea4f7b87-4120-49d1-94b2-1b98a5cefd1b 7.6: Future Projection of Regional Extreme Precipitation of 2-Day Duration and 5 Year Return
ea5b50f6-3608-4e86-8dff-733323153b4f 2.28: Decline in Arctic Sea Ice Extent
ea8b9462-9c2a-4195-bf4a-dd1cdf5ad852 3.5: Supporting recovery from the 2017 hurricane season
eaa138eb-80fa-4a1a-87d1-0ee2f8d0e934 1.14: Overview_severe coral bleaching_v4
eab9f2d3-6ebf-40ef-9d9b-fc7f9d62e693 2.21: Trends in Flood Magnitude
3.5: Trends in Flood Magnitude
eaf8253d-64ee-4a2b-947a-438865ae7f44 31.4b: Observed Annual Precipitation
eb0aa517-ca41-4f30-bbdd-5a039fb34263 1: Billion Dollar Disasters