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ee0184ff-fb4c-4ad1-8b17-3a934efedbf6 21.2: Conservation Practices Reduce Impact of Heavy Rains
ee542df9-3531-4b11-8a1b-f38d666f9680 1.4: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
ee57687d-c73a-4282-a0f5-cb3a8228d929 A5.5: Human and Natural Influences on Global Temperature
eeeb23a0-7f95-4f8d-9d7f-cb991006833d 10.3: Changes in the Ogallala Aquifer
eef445df-8354-4134-bd6c-ae9f37bf29c2 A5.9: Published Climate Change Research Papers
eefec2ce-23c8-4b01-ba5c-62a287bba1a4 2.4: Atmospheric Concentrations of CO2, CH4 and N2O
ef0e475d-ef61-4da1-ad1c-1573bf593705 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
ef3bbdea-8831-454c-9e47-6b2d24ef4d4c 4.1: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
ef56274e-e308-41bb-9c60-b67daa866a54 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
ef594029-9a66-4564-8f1c-ec2852bb55ff 33.25: Increasing Model Resolution
ef839340-d43c-4aae-8c06-caa60c1368bd 33.42: Ice Loss from Greenland and Antarctica
f01b15d8-e006-4d75-8edc-ffa3d28712c7 23.6: Highlighting Seasonal-Scale Extreme Events in a Transboundary Setting
f027f778-16e9-418e-8c86-7301f1c83542 -.6: Extreme Precipitation Has Increased Across Much of the United States
f060ef9e-e232-4dda-8ffd-646c080700f8 22.5: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
f0790695-28f6-43d7-b95a-58df7608ef2e 19.5: Projected Change in Number of Consecutive Dry Days
f09358ad-4a0b-48de-bdd1-8f7fd01cacc0 6.3: Fire Damage in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
f0eec5da-dff8-4b38-8a3f-57973d6c4ab2 18.2: Projected Mid-Century Temperature Changes in the Midwest
f11b411b-6920-47b5-b903-e8be02800a63 3.11: Projected Changes in Water Withdrawals
f16bffd7-212e-4d04-aac5-271447ff2cf1 6.6: Forest Disturbances Across the United States
f1c0a798-14fd-4cf0-9257-b66d46592922 19.1: Historical Changes in Hot Days and Warm Nights