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f4242bc6-6877-483b-8136-420f902968bd 18.5: Total Hurricane Events in Louisiana
f42c43dd-73d0-4b22-b479-690d3fd96812 2.20: Projected Temperature Change of Hottest and Coldest Days
f430332d-7ca5-4bcf-a0a1-4d0fdd91093d 24.3: Ocean Acidification Reduces Size of Clams
f45bb90a-2ad0-443e-ad0e-958c9be6b62d 27.3: Sources and Sinks in U.S. Agriculture and Forests
f47e5671-39af-4232-ab8b-21e3e525ed8d 13.3: Projected Land Covers (2010-2050)
f497d761-0393-48ab-9636-7fadfd16ec7b 14.4: Projected Change in Annual Extreme Temperature Mortality
f4a70c64-5e37-4c1b-bb96-59546e1e731c 24.13: PHOTO: Health box
f4ba66f5-2cc8-4251-afa1-3cbafeac1089 24.3: Natural Resource Industry Jobs and Sales Revenues
f4c34dce-46d4-4961-aec9-4e896f54a3ce A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
f4d9fdc4-ce81-4225-b3f6-0339df6e35d6 1.2: Global Land and Ocean Temperature Anamolies
f4f31fd6-3345-42fb-b7c0-675dd98f3397 18.6: When it Rains, it Pours
f502692e-8947-41d2-a733-652dcdfb4947 3.10: U.S. Water Withdrawal Distribution
f50b4b66-4708-4d3e-a3d5-df5a6e2a3103 16.2: Major Coastal Carbon Pools and Fluxes
f5134adc-85a2-481b-9eba-51e33c76d7a0 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
f56f70ee-01d3-4b14-929e-68829aad656e 3.3: Preparing for the GPM Mission
f57c8e14-a95e-40c1-9cb5-a34cb8d24dab 4.1: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
f59cc645-db2a-40ca-8779-731594fad77c 1: Indicator: Heat Waves
f59eaf27-d60c-45fe-8b2e-46860e3d8007 3.5: Supporting recovery from the 2017 hurricane season
f5e87802-08dd-4908-927b-a9b3d99f16f9 3.23: Water mass change during 2010-11 La Nina
f606592f-44a1-46b1-b672-24ac9201ade9 -.10: Multiyear Sea Ice Has Declined Dramatically