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f61bb438-f964-4291-a169-0c2e8face97b 25.5: Adapting Coastal Infrastructure to Sea Level Rise and Land Loss
f6212ec5-6c4f-412f-bcc5-cf0b4024b9d7 24.7: Projected Change in Summer Precipitation
f642d7ed-155d-47dc-8f50-ca7fe6726025 A5.22: Americans Respond to the Impacts of Climate Change
f669d25d-dc15-459d-b524-c25fd82d7608 5.5: Role of Adaptive Strategies and Tactics in Reducing Impacts and Consequences
f689a77d-2fa5-411b-88f6-43d2a2823d2e 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
f69194e8-397d-4f9c-836c-335d259ee09c 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
f69e0ac9-18ae-46c0-a869-600aa7489766 7.5: Projected Change (%) in Seasonal Precipitation
f6c30431-5b15-439c-a078-3fd431c7c160 12.2: Rapid Carbon Assessment (RaCA) of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Stock Values
f6db3545-873b-4c9e-b857-c3bb5671aea4 4.3: Increasing Numbers of Cooling Degree Days
f7285300-4309-4427-825e-37e246b8e188 19.9: Charleston Flooding & Tunnel
f7401d12-7088-44dd-b40f-a64f01e90b4d 1.5: Hiatus Box
f76b91f5-3ce7-439d-ae0c-17ad51faaf27 1: Marine Species Distribution
f7b10d1b-3d43-4e95-95ef-dcd17ca12e56 33.30: Streamflow from Snowmelt Coming Earlier in the Year
f7c19a1d-ad87-4c54-a501-610aec0978bc 2.6: Observed and Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation
f7e687d8-947e-42df-9dc1-36944c080d67 30.5: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
f80012cc-8779-49af-922d-ffaa8fa01c60 3.5: Ice Core Analysis
f8258223-c1a5-4279-95cd-89c36a48311a 19.4: Projected Change in Number of Heavy Precipitation Days
f856761c-33fe-4618-87b3-11ca54441092 2.4: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
f871f6f0-8748-4a66-ab21-3a52bc8b82cd 1.1: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Datasets
f87e5d8c-7a1c-4601-a3d9-5a365a2fcb90 17.4: Wildfire at the Wildland–Urban Interface