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fee4cc35-1c12-48fc-85c3-07bd6e540de7 22.2: Projected Changes in Very Hot Days, Cool Days, and Heavy Precipitation
ff055df4-2994-419d-9cff-cfab7cff1a22 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
ff2608d3-058d-44d2-b1aa-af1e937e9600 24.14: PHOTO: Social Cohesion
ff2b98cf-3397-4abe-971f-718e5c337efa 18.3: Crop Yields Decline under Higher Temperatures
ff324ca9-d959-4564-82cc-acc8cd7db186 6.6: Reduced Winter Chilling Projected for California
ff6a7a8e-d886-4b30-acd7-a3538a787baf 33.11: Precipitation Trends: Past Century, Past 30+ Years
ff8be700-37f2-43fa-87ed-b2e9888b0466 10.10: The Columbia River Basin Land Use and Land Cover
ff932406-9512-40ea-b7e8-aeb04087f7af 40.5: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
ff98579f-a135-48ce-9d79-45ed43ae81bb 17.2: Hurricane Harvey Flooding
ffbcbf37-b625-4fa3-a739-3c4f31bbccc1 6.2: Agricultural Distribution