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184d25ba-d840-4367-a1ee-9725eb5dd3fc 39.5: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
1878ea5e-17f8-4771-aaa6-152fd0a823df 20.4: Longer Frost-free Season Increases Stress on Crops
18967257-96a5-4e79-84bb-4fb5c70b08f4 12.3: Changes in Sea Level in Sea Surface Height
18cdfbce-66a4-4412-877d-5d86e6758022 33.3a: Observed Number of Very Hot Days
18cf25b1-861f-4eef-a429-b35fc137ff56 ES.3: ES.3. Total Carbon Budget of North American Aquatic Ecosystems
18efe210-5d15-4c66-8029-0d7a543de739 17.6: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
19449d83-eaed-4da4-9e96-9a48cefe806a 24.1: Observed Ocean Warming
1944a2c8-30aa-4ae7-88ae-bf3c6d34a94b 5.3: Cold Season Relationship between Climate Indices and Precipitation/Temperature Anomalies
196c98ea-bdf0-4aa6-9e12-766211451c9a 4.12: USDA Drought Workshop
1976ca9b-3bd4-4ae3-9189-578d9ee542f1 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
198a8131-10f9-45b6-baac-0a4fd4c5b076 2.12: Observed U.S. Precipitation Change
19a2af8f-f6ce-4134-af22-8417932f5aac 28.1: Five Adaptation Stages and Progress
19c43aa4-91aa-43ef-aee8-19d8245d26db A5.21: Category 4 and 5 Hurricane Formation: Now and in the Future
19f013bb-03f0-47e9-95d3-c716faf0f773 8.1: Water Supplies Projected to Decline
19f3bcda-db0b-4aa4-a297-039a26770bc4 5.5: Incidence of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease by County in the United States
1a00d219-e289-4eb0-a8fd-a0fe9a340065 1: Frost-Free Season
1a061197-95cf-47bd-9db4-f661c711a174 2.14: Projected Precipitation Change by Season
1a2c7572-b347-498e-9ec2-af8030aa5ee8 1: Terrestrial Carbon Storage
1a6d97ec-749e-4688-b0f9-71824fac86dc 24.4: PHOTO: Livestock and Drought
1a904a7c-8aba-4b4d-9178-781270e92a7c 25.1: Temperature Has Increased Across the Southwest