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905679df-80c8-4e61-9f72-5a1f16f588a2 9.4: Atmospheric Rivers
90ba5ffd-a042-47ef-a2a9-6e70a013cedf 16.4: Transboundary Climate-Related Impacts
90ddcb79-00bc-48c4-88e7-3c502dbeed5d 33.5: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
90e15e9d-4fd0-43e0-b807-8f472dfdd1d1 4.2: Key Components of Urban Carbon Cycling
913eb9cf-f604-4aff-ab3e-14c67348042b 18.3: Example of Results from a Global Integrated Assessment Model
914a6c86-e8a1-4923-961f-be0f49606688 33.21: Projected Wintertime Precipitation Changes
916035b1-b0a6-4e6d-9ab7-de95e0fde5fe 1.2b: Observed Number of Very Warm Nights
9174f662-af68-4777-bcd5-1b2f071266e5 1.17: Isle de Jean Charles Community Relocation
91a67783-f1b5-4c01-b8b9-20a1d0302ac4 1.3: Projected Changes in Temperature and Precipitation by Mid-Century
91c52527-5b84-4236-a9fd-6969f53c9fa0 21.5: Climate Change Outpaces Plants’ Ability to Shift Habitat Range
91cb8f41-cb50-4480-b50a-9d880c8f40a2 8.2: Projected Change in Snow Water Equivalent
91ea8d2a-32ec-4582-8189-5ec4bb4085d7 9.1: Climate Change Projected to Worsen Asthma
91f390d0-58bd-4415-ad04-a9681c8866a1 9.10: Katrina Diaspora
9246d438-bfdd-444c-b3da-2698a767392f 21.11: Meramec River Flooding photo v2
925a2457-f5dc-4857-a488-978befae1da1 2.4: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
92840b52-4c7b-49d9-8d93-ae7fc67c7c3a 1.2: Indicators of Change
92c439ec-2385-45c9-bd30-e6bb77392bac 24.4: Warming Seas Are a Double-blow to Corals
92d4c92b-8bba-4cd7-af61-58d339ae33be 16.2: Projected Increases in the Number of Days over 90°F.
933c10a5-f966-4411-827b-8a7ede328823 10.6: Projected Land-use Intensity in 2030
93444ab9-6e4a-4861-887b-160becf9e81b 35.2e: Observed Summer Precipitation
93450c9e-10c4-4486-8637-0bfb85c811e9 2.28: Decline in Arctic Sea Ice Extent
93614ecf-88fa-4b66-8b8b-3deab9502a57 1.4: A Pictorial Illustration of the Global Methane (CH4) Cycle
9377efd2-b1bb-47d0-9710-bf2a6b99524d 20.15: Hurricane Impacts in 2017
940e4dd5-e004-446e-a8b8-5905433c7d5b 3.3: Seasonal Surface Soil Moisture Trends
9412a535-9430-4ef0-813c-4b0cc3d17889 27.12: Preparing Molokai’s Fishponds for Climate Change
94323ee2-cb0b-4332-8ca2-1b5931302b36 3.10: AMS Climate Studies Diversity Project
9480d45c-5898-466a-9f24-34f182a11eca 13.2: Projected Changes in Summer Season Ozone
94bca9b2-40cf-4a3a-9b2b-7607efff0107 2.4: Sources of Methane Emissions Estimated from Bottom-Up Methods for Three Regions of North America from 2003 to 2012
94c2db61-c008-4139-8518-d4a013728fb7 A5.15: Average Global Temperature Is Increasing
94f96949-97c7-4dfc-8070-c9f22fe6cde9 1.2d: Total Hurricane Events in Alabama
950f46b7-24cc-4784-a573-e62ec9e55e1b -.8: Recent Sea Level Rise Fastest for Over 2,000 Years
9515d4e2-73f4-4d9a-80f3-8f7953178e6e 2.12: Observed U.S. Precipitation Change
95193b35-7284-489b-8487-b4815d947499 2.28: Decline in Arctic Sea Ice Extent
9546bf25-5e12-4a0e-9c46-44b9f5f902ac 11.1: Change in Annual Sea Ice Extent
954db83f-5525-4c28-89a0-c0eb874bbbf5 -.1: Scenarios of Future Temperature Rise
9550cdf0-72ed-4ccf-9d3c-c05447412568 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
955a2dec-ea3b-432e-9d8b-81788647bd78 1.1: Impacts & Responses
956b9cbf-4f3c-46cd-8844-cc251d481f78 18.3: Example of Results from a Global Integrated Assessment Model
95b3754b-73ff-4da0-b90c-7b5b0c7ccf46 17.6: Hypothesized Ecosystem Responses to Elevated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Relative to Nutrient and Water Availability
95f1a71f-70ae-4252-bf61-f21b34eb2d7b 3.18: Future change in hurricane frequency
95fe2b26-3dd2-465b-99de-022aa549bbec 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
9617eb9c-3f66-48dd-a40c-5fc29e405fff A5.29: Projected Changes in Maximum Fish Catch Potential
968588ef-c1de-48a6-a290-3fff35c11f7c 13A.2: Fig. 13A.2. Areal Distribution in Alaska of the Four Categories of Terrestrial Wetlands
968724bc-e758-41dc-947f-1b2861381737 P.2: P.2. Likelihood and Confidence Evaluation
96df871c-5714-476f-a0bf-dafda41d7e77 A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
975d7ccf-1a6e-4d79-85fb-cd8806767f68 19.3: Projected Change in Number of Warm Nights
97ab6efb-ad66-4fea-917f-688b1b19c48b 1: Indicator: Heating Cooling Degree Days
97dc94a2-9e9e-4f01-b301-39ef923d55df 2.5: Observed and Projected Change in Seasonal Precipitation
97fbcf68-516b-4c7c-8889-fb7c8a4d866d 25.8: Electricity Generation Capacity at Risk Under Continued Climate Change
98233555-2b76-423c-a69c-8a7de6032f00 2.20: Projected Temperature Change of Hottest and Coldest Days
98347098-5fd5-4acc-bdc2-b33427178802 A1.2: NCA4 Authorship Models
984292e0-19bd-4926-87db-cb3b7f3d69f8 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
9843dcc7-a33a-49f8-9445-c3d0e69808bf 5.5: Incidence of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease by County in the United States
988223f7-25d0-44a1-b482-fe45f1c81826 5.3: Gulf Coast Transportation Hubs at Risk
989373b4-23c3-4ef0-8b09-2f29289179e8 25.3: Severe Drought Reduces Water Supplies in the Southwest
98dbd5e0-1613-44b4-bb74-763aa238abca 8.3: Trends in the Annual Number of Large Fires in the Western United States
991826ea-5f98-45f2-827e-8fdfc48d07fb 34.12: Measurements of Surface Temperature and Sun’s Energy
9922282b-6e42-4915-a2a3-8a1cb0e3e2fa 18.12: District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority’s Clean Rivers Project
99391ad1-643e-4e9b-834a-743ff4c58a70 26.4: Linking Risk Assessment and Risk Perception with Risk Management of Climate Change
99441a59-32fd-4484-9ccb-2df0f0429ee6 8.4: Biological Responses to Climate Change
999ba5b7-df92-4cf8-8d2a-a1110dda7275 8.2: Projected Change in Snow Water Equivalent
99a7c8ac-f81d-4f69-86f3-815c4b28a0db 6.6: Projected Changes in Caribbean Gambierdiscus Species
9a1fc7f5-d769-44d3-9979-de36a690609e 33.11: Precipitation Trends: Past Century, Past 30+ Years
9a968035-b7cc-45f5-b0e3-ff2a9098bf32 2.6: Observed and Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation
9aba8dd6-6f95-40c6-910e-9a57eec18278 1.1: Observed and Projected Temperature Change
9b05229e-b1e9-41c0-8552-7530f970ed75 1.18: Adaptation Measures in Kivalina, AK
9b7fe93c-f9b9-449e-b3d0-d8254e0bbe6b -.6: Changes in Lyme Disease Case Report Distribution
5.2: Changes in Lyme Disease Case Report Distribution
9ba9a48b-89ef-4391-9428-7c494d1d9989 11.3: Glacier Mass Loss
9bf36167-ee48-478b-9266-befe248f6b4c 34.20: Coral Bleaching
9c48425f-fd14-4f19-b551-4bcbe6a0dcee 13.3: Projected Land Covers (2010-2050)
9c82499b-a912-4186-855b-e809721bd7b7 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
9cbdd1c8-28bb-4d4f-a722-d0325e3d49ca 1: Indicator U.S. Surface Temperature
9cc22c1a-f337-44a4-ba96-e9f72ec8cba9 19.2: Historical Change in Freeze-Free Season Length
9d7144d2-7f79-4290-ae1f-2d5f50eb7330 4.3: Relationships Between Carbon Inventory Approaches
9d9aa7ac-9894-4241-9603-bcd1d959be0c 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
9df9176a-1d08-4a3d-bed1-eb915d486985 2.3: Projected Changes in Temperature-Related Death Rates
9e2a261e-c908-45cb-b713-3d78f90fa54b 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
9e4801bc-69a4-4cfa-8e83-89622211ac81 19.4: Historical Number of Warm Nights
9e67e6e9-4892-401b-953f-39b99475cd79 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
9e98257b-1d91-479e-9090-c25fa5878d4e 20.14: Days Above 90°F in Puerto Rico
9eaab18a-5a61-408f-aa1f-05d7fe5c036b 6.8: Drainage Tiles
9eabcfff-3285-4da6-bd3c-f14fb201f5ea 1.2: Indicators of Change
9ec87cdd-321b-4b08-b98f-558c006f5eff 20.17: Maximum Extent of Drought
9eeb6894-6c9d-4e9c-8993-c40106f758ab 1.2: Indicators of Change
9f07dd84-3ba2-4354-879c-fd14a2bd963c 3.19: Thunderstorm clouds in regional climate models
9f0fe280-e506-4e5d-bb6d-fad47b2eb66b 13.5: Surface pH in 2090s
9f12aec3-c34a-4a6e-aa75-1da82ae2faf1 1: Sea Surface Temperatures
9f37ae22-2eb0-4d80-a268-ff5a0654b634 1.3: Projected Changes in Temperature and Precipitation by Mid-Century
9f40e25a-476d-43bc-b0f1-fc6ee2ef39b8 29.1: Mitigation-Related Activities at the State and Local Levels
9f4659c5-d60c-45b4-af19-f02794c23843 1: Heating and Cooling Degree Days
9fa79c5c-7224-4c5d-836b-7614700633a0 A5.20: Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events
9ff2bffc-29ed-4bfe-a8dd-c3a910f9a064 33.40: Melting Glaciers Lead to Sea Level Rise
a0407362-d1ea-4957-8cab-2efd73524a3a 5.4: Hurricane Sandy Causes Flooding in New York City Subway Stations
a048d001-7944-46c8-8625-03a9be9da3d2 7.1: Annual and Seasonal Changes in Precipitation
a04f3885-abe2-4fb6-85a6-2e6d35b67439 7.2: Observed Change in Daily, 20-year Return Level Precipitation
a062b2fb-fc7e-4ed1-97bf-ed7dba49a294 19.8: Range of Daily Highest Water Levels in Norfolk, Virginia
a0c5b582-97a0-46a1-bc2f-930429b9cbfe -.7: Large-Scale Patterns of Natural Variability Affect U.S. Climate
a0dfa5ae-ddca-4711-8e5d-7bfc792c3a6b 19.6: Potential Abundance of Disease-Carrying Mosquito
a0ea287a-535b-4f0a-9e98-1209fd6afe36 1.4: U.S. Sea Level Rise