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b10ad0f2-5100-4ec2-ad39-55aed305ec90 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
b1279ac4-14c3-4d30-a3bb-233c1cd5c375 44.6: Annual Average Water Levels in the Great Salt Lake at Saltair Boat Harbor
b180cfd9-b064-4644-a9a1-d2c3660c1be7 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
b1a168e9-11cb-469b-af21-28735cff0eb6 1: Marine Species Distribution
b229781f-3215-4a0c-945f-fd838c9fabea 2.24: Variation of Storm Frequency and Intensity during the Cold Season (November – March)
b232a192-5865-4984-b562-19ca4c1465af 17.4: Projected Change in Number of Days Over 95°F
b26d9181-4fcc-407f-9f28-9b802075c2f5 27.3: Seasonal Effects of El Niño and La Niña in the Pacific Islands Region
b26ed671-d7ee-46ef-aa3c-86da31ad7c14 26.7: Wildfire Destroys Homes Near Willow, Alaska
b2814814-eee5-4697-a62d-25bba61ac56d 6.8: Projected Change in Coldest and Warmest Daily Temperatures
b28834ef-211f-47c1-a3a4-35cd08c322ce 20.10: Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reef Ecosystems and Societal Implications
b28c3aeb-82dc-44e0-862b-391db4fd1260 27.15: Flooding in Kosrae
b2a4e707-e032-4fe7-ae91-56fc74ccfb9b 27.3: Seasonal Effects of El Niño and La Niña in the Pacific Islands Region
b3101e2e-f6f9-4c8b-90c6-27715d60d57d 1.2: Indicators of Change
b31b1d99-a0ee-472d-94f9-85e85e2ddc30 2.12: Observed U.S. Precipitation Change
b32dd99d-b64d-4d47-9b08-2c119a059654 9.2: Tracks of Simulated Category 4 & 5 Tropical Cyclones
b34de7d3-fb11-40e8-bb81-dd2596ea8d44 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
b399dcc5-7b54-4f8e-a370-c901f16f6f1b 2.3: Projected Changes in Temperature-Related Death Rates
b3d7369b-b59e-4973-8de4-2764a5dcabfa 1: Sea Level Rise
b4038d8b-fee2-40b3-897c-884e631cf094 21.5: Climate Change Outpaces Plants’ Ability to Shift Habitat Range
b41bcee7-c28a-44b6-bdae-5b066410b3e9 5.1: Land-Use and Land-Cover Composition
b42c2a22-2da1-4bc7-9123-0a35b93a9066 26.8: Energy Needed for Heating Decreases Across Much of Alaska
b42fbac8-e257-4089-941a-5aa3774b7476 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
b484ec11-d94b-4c77-94a2-db77ae596081 15.6: U.S. Carbon Sources and Sinks from 1991 to 2000 and 2001 to 2010
b48d8c77-f2d3-4383-aa88-2dfff5ddaaec 22.1: Alaska Will Continue to Warm Rapidly
b490e395-78c4-4739-9f54-f3f894fbe7e7 4.4: U.S. Fossil Fuel Carbon Emissions, Highlighting Four Urban Areas
b4b96bf1-7b7d-4e64-8dc1-432a3eeed00f 24.3: Observed Number of Very Warm Nights
b4bbace3-9300-4aa6-8494-cc390943ac98 22.5: Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station Flood
b4dd1fac-0980-43b7-8d30-c42c5b954183 33.21: Projected Wintertime Precipitation Changes
b4e851c7-5bfc-4bfc-b568-b3760b9ae71f A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
b5180cef-f1d6-4909-a8a2-fff8e4a6f64b 38.6: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
b522dabf-6059-4975-be40-22dc0f764d21 7.1: Annual and Seasonal Changes in Precipitation
b544fd42-fa34-4b8b-b76f-1d524fd86a76 26.1: Observed and Projected Changes in Annual Average Temperature
b574f3bf-9fcb-4b81-8774-a6188c7985ac 9.2: Projected Changes in Maximum Fish Catch Potential
b5ab5f96-26ab-45d6-b282-646a4663f5ab 2.22: Projected Changes in Soil Moisture for the Western U.S.
b609cc25-adc8-4b64-87fb-3320129e96c2 5.1: Land-Use and Land-Cover Composition
b619b20d-6163-441b-b4d6-eada28fc68e6 1: Terrestrial Carbon Storage
b625af91-966d-4c79-b030-59056c7046d7 28.6: Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework Region
b634506f-8689-4f6b-9145-c449f637087c A5.19: Speedups and Slowdowns in Warming
b64e8a1b-63dd-485e-9a10-43c60005e08d 1: Start of Spring
b69d25b4-7be4-459f-886c-c0fab4ed1d9a 1.4: U.S. Sea Level Rise
b6a6ba99-0540-41de-b591-a5c3bf870aa8 31.4a: Observed Number of Very Cold Nights
b6dea452-7559-4afa-8db2-0aaabcd47094 A5.12: Climate Modeling for Smaller Regions
b713d0b6-d8e9-412c-9215-ecf9a79f4060 45.5: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
b728cb36-f68f-4eeb-894e-420dd90cf849 21.9: Projected Changes in Ozone-Related Premature Deaths
b776951a-c523-4a1d-ad99-172f077546bd 18.5: Total Hurricane Events in Louisiana
b78c415c-dfac-474f-bc08-da0595a2c6b6 12.2: Annual Vehicle-Hours of Delay Due to High Tide Flooding
b7916c0f-6ce3-4447-a466-09e3c3d32ce4 A1.7: First Chapter Leadership Meeting
b7a503bf-c39e-4615-892b-780a69ae57b5 19.4: Projected Change in Number of Heavy Precipitation Days
b7abf46c-9a5d-4cca-bea8-3d8741f8de4c 1: Start of Spring
b88a89f0-7533-4f12-8279-506c4c402120 21.8: The Changing Great Lakes
b8a343b5-2f61-4277-93c0-9a0a64190ef7 3.1: Global Mean Temperature Change
b8b652de-1629-478b-bdc1-0dcf0e2e6f33 10.2: Coast-to-Coast 100-degree Days in 2011
b8f4ba18-a610-446d-87d7-c627d76e9492 1: Sea Surface Temperatures
b918b82b-063c-47a3-b989-9af9b0357a24 1: Indicator Grassland Shrubland Pasture Cover
b9384563-fe11-4815-a5d4-e70acdc32b3e 17.5: Projected Change in Number of Nights Below 32°F
b97b338b-a8b4-45f2-8e41-90036890389b 19.2: Historical Change in Freeze-Free Season Length
b9af36d0-b101-43b9-a731-3ebf329011f1 1: Indicator U.S. Surface Temperature
b9d232c7-4546-4697-a227-451e2a3d2f53 16.3: U.S. Military Relief Efforts in Response to Typhoon Haiyan
ba11c940-9a38-4545-b803-8ef73b5a35cd 27.1: Pacific Islands Region Map
ba56479c-2a85-4d6f-8522-081c6034b2d7 8.4: Projected Change in Annual Precipitation
ba92a7b9-712d-47f1-890e-bc873953efa8 33.2: Earth’s Energy Balance
bac50e37-9e97-4469-9d4a-d96c837c7cd1 1: Indicator U.S. Surface Temperatures
bacd7bcb-cc49-488b-a594-f0630e928838 -.6: Changes in Lyme Disease Case Report Distribution
5.2: Changes in Lyme Disease Case Report Distribution
bacee96f-8e5c-4ee1-a93f-87a9266db5ab A1.3: Organization of the National Climate Assessment Participants
baf6379e-7a18-48c3-9955-cfd893427e65 6.4: Crop Yield Response to Warming in California’s Central Valley
bb1498b9-8be8-4412-afb2-5c6ccb645542 1.21: New Economic Impact Studies
bb15fa7f-08c2-4dbb-9ef0-63206dea1787 6.4: Observed Changes in Cold and Heat Waves
bb43ec45-eb89-4ec4-8621-8d80feb79d93 15.4: Community Planning
bb51007f-c5eb-4e28-9ae4-a6402d89dfc6 3.11: START Adaptation Research in Africa
bb95035e-bc16-4198-a550-a3491b72ceda 12.1: relative sea level
bbc7a6a3-d730-467d-8546-e7f9cc9af13b 14.4: Projected Change in Annual Extreme Temperature Mortality
bbdd3fa4-2b98-481d-ae1e-ea54aea54c4b 2.10: Scientific Understanding of Global Climate
bc1293fe-4b67-4e3f-a382-e7cdc4fca11f 15.1: Indigenous Peoples Climate Initiatives and Plans
bc296ec7-92b4-447c-950f-8d26472afe3c A1.8: All Author Meeting
bc2be07d-2e5a-4fe4-8f51-195906ddb5fa 33.20: Projected Annually-Averaged Temperature C hange
bc5bcfc7-72db-486e-8ad6-9d9d27fd6a4b 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
bc7039d4-13d0-434f-b0ca-5ac07b226538 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
bc7a4158-1ea7-4fcd-8641-97ed532540a8 6.5: Projected Changes in Key Climate Variables Affecting Agricultural Productivity
bc817130-2570-42bf-a2c5-35421df50814 2.14: Urban and peri-urban agriculture
bc914ae6-ba78-4a88-b4f4-1c8e0f3a1362 3.1: Landsat 8 Satellite
bca2573b-9a1b-4cc2-bb6e-0e5a30b427ab 22.1: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Across the Northern Great Plains
bd682751-9aad-4d25-8e10-72207e6dbdd2 9.5: Mapping Communities Vulnerable to Heat in Georgia
bda33c80-8b59-40b8-9c69-4d29872c0270 10.7: Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Use
bdbc59c7-c91e-496f-b4bd-9f584404df97 2.19: Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation Events
9.6: Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation Events
be150c39-7fe3-41b3-a204-616a52cd7a1a 6.5: Changes in Suitable Coastal Vibrio Habitat in Alaska
be3267f3-7154-4a7d-950d-cb74fffe01a6 24.1: Observed Ocean Warming
be58b827-f745-4039-971e-9c9603227e5a 1.10: Prairie Strips
bed2b249-eabf-4c54-ae25-025b1ce85d51 A5.28: Greenland and Antarctica Are Losing Ice
beed84d6-d0f9-4c33-a8d3-808ed6eb6e3b 2.15: Newer Simulations for Projected Precipitation Change (CMIP5 models)
bef72a49-1c54-4a24-ae53-7b813ac447d1 2.4: Annual Start of Spring for the Contiguous United States
bf0c43c6-2c2d-4996-9485-b80b9f175db7 13.2: Projected Changes in Summer Season Ozone
bf0c46c2-ea2f-4368-9857-56f0b11763ec 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
bf0d948c-6081-4101-bce1-b30542a08d00 9.3: Wildfire Smoke has Widespread Health Effects
bf3ea919-c435-40b2-b3db-858bb6064afd 33.9: Temperature Trends: Past Century, Past 30+ Years
bf481dfc-5e04-4be3-b787-534966d51047 10.2: Population Changes and Poverty Rates in Rural Counties
bf6699b4-2eab-48c7-9008-c468ce626f14 33.7: Observed and Projected Annual Number of Tidal Floods for Wilmington, NC
c0181d76-cf38-4556-841f-d0b73a9a9a8c 28.2: Effects of Climate Change on...
c01be72f-6e3d-4b1a-89d0-5fdb5e0a9e29 11.3: Projected Change in Number of Days with Heavy Precipitation
c01d0f29-cc53-44b9-af14-0b525b716cf9 12.5: Arctic Marine Food Web