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c05e2dc1-1661-402a-a653-76f686f2befe 7.2: Effectiveness of Forest Management in Reducing Wildfire Risk
c05ea841-919d-4177-9828-4c55cce2df7a 33.18: Only Human Influence Can Explain Recent Warming
c11b62d2-59a6-48bb-af93-e8baf4ac1919 7.4: Projected Range Expansion of Invasive Lionfish
c1296448-dab7-483a-9edb-6df2e2b7ae3c 33.38: Permafrost Temperatures Rising
c17d6a01-dd62-4078-aedc-04010560b2e8 2.11: Projected Changes in Frost-Free Season Length
c1801804-c2d8-465d-827d-936f1dc9aa0a 21.4: MTE Tree Planting
c192e22c-03c9-4463-8403-52ff345ee7b8 18.4: Forest Composition Shifts
c1aa195c-188e-4bb8-ac78-af6a9cdc1e92 2.22: Projected Changes in Soil Moisture for the Western U.S.
c1d86fc4-edcc-40a6-aa67-fd4b5d7708b9 12.1: relative sea level
c1e21a9b-9f2e-4b5a-9948-121b6e89d6ba 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
c1eae118-0a8d-4afb-b6b3-bef2fe85b33f A5.5: Human and Natural Influences on Global Temperature
c1fe8120-68ea-4c02-a90d-8f5619f38d4c 1: Arctic Glacier Mass Balance
c224af10-d96b-4d5f-a037-d0a1b3f24068 9.5: Effects of Natural Disturbances on Carbon Dynamics in Canada’s Managed Forests
c2a7a655-740e-4785-92c0-0cbb33b4685f 1.1: Miami Children’s Hospital
c2cce4b0-40f4-40ac-b416-e37b650a90a3 35.5: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
c30b3db1-db8f-4279-b0f4-8f21f51be391 10.5: Interacting Effects of Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Warming, and Altered Precipitation on Grasslands
c318d73f-2f6f-437b-974c-597e02f15224 26.6: Projected Change in Spring Precipitation
c39052bf-7c80-4f4f-95e5-0f3bf78d3cc5 2.29: Projected Arctic Sea Ice Decline
c39a4644-d19a-4aaf-ac78-ef64f4a6cb85 8.4: Examples of Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Habitats
c3efc93f-cdb2-48c1-b5cc-227d548ebef3 3.1: Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disaster Events in the United States
c44f9d49-f283-48e9-afd5-617259c4cab0 33.18: Only Human Influence Can Explain Recent Warming
c4ef71b2-4ec6-4bd0-bf7e-991cfd0e9ddb 2.2: Observed and Projected Changes in Carbon Emissions and Temperature
c4f50f0d-95e4-45e2-ad7d-75595583846a 26.6: Variable Weather Affects Harvest Levels
c501b039-16e5-48a4-9f0b-33e75bb70fa1 19.1: Historical Changes in Hot Days and Warm Nights
c55ea1c8-3cfa-4972-9c2f-d3027725ee4e 3.12: Water Challenges in a Southeast River Basin
c58f0636-4c17-42f8-8466-2f772819f4f2 7.5: Projected Change (%) in Seasonal Precipitation
c58f2a0c-99e0-49fc-95f4-d2ad55224d15 6.3: Locations of Livestock and Projections of Heavy Precipitation
c600855e-df3f-49b6-8cc6-9639d08399ee 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
c662a834-078b-43c5-bddd-ec1668a2b77f 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
c66d8404-f184-49af-8a73-4562e54cdbf1 A1.7: First Chapter Leadership Meeting
c6801091-9b33-484c-9782-3da961ba3c56 A5.12: Climate Modeling for Smaller Regions
c6aea36a-d1ef-4e1e-a10d-5c8d4ba4a4d4 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
c6de30bc-2924-46f5-bbc5-14f95cf27584 33.19: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
c6e2d812-f5e2-4c1e-8426-cfffb61616ec 20.6: Observed and Projected Sea Level Rise
c6e45893-4a74-48a9-b828-cab7c7c3c42a 2.9: Traceability in the Global Change Information System
c6e6a4b8-840f-4d4c-9487-9699fb94dd31 34.7: Global Temperature Change: Decade Averages
c6fd686f-4f34-4e21-a7ae-7dda269ee661 2.6: Observed and Projected Change in Heavy Precipitation
c71934af-fb3b-4029-bf44-f08fc607eae6 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
c741d9aa-ecb5-4fb8-9403-8f735f09085e 2.9: Notable 2017 Hurricanes
c75d4166-3323-49d2-8311-61e86fe4aa5a 2.17: Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation
c7b771-9112-420b-a538-dac5491d7cb3 10.8: Renewable Energy and Land Use
c7bebf10-60a4-48b5-89f5-f0aed817e7f2 24.8: PHOTO: Smoky hiking
c7ceb1d7-1d0c-4aba-91ad-bbd4ea663af9 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
c807881d-468a-4e21-bcfd-5bd54a6ba2d8 1.1: Radiative Forcing (Relative to 1750) Due to Major Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
c807db0f-7a8c-4e34-bc57-c91f7a81b80d 19.18: Warm Winters Favor Invasive Species
c823efbe-ab8d-4332-a32d-0a4b7588f750 20.16: Hurricane Maria Damage
c829f118-e2f0-49f7-be8f-2e54bc729bbf 25.9: Projected Land Loss from Sea Level Rise in Coastal Louisiana
c8484765-3d50-48dc-a2e3-09cb56610265 2.10: Observed Increase in Frost-Free Season Length
c875a6de-4f5e-4c5f-8ca2-1d2da2f0b448 24.10: PHOTO: Coastal Floodwaters
c8b91a83-afd5-49e8-a205-c1f42debbe9d 34.10: Early Scientists who Established the Scientific Basis for Climate Change
c8dddc53-133f-4e46-bcc5-c2506ce3860d 19.15: Projected Changes in Plant Hardiness Zones
c8e8eb98-e122-4244-a8d8-9887dc244f44 A5.25: Relative Sea Level Projected to Rise Along Most U.S. Coasts
c8ef3fa3-ff66-46ca-a1e0-00559a001105 33.22: Projected Summertime Precipitation Changes
c906f92c-0460-4d5f-a179-6e764110eac4 2.6: Changes in Atmospheric Aerosol Loads
c90fb657-6b26-4887-a0f0-c91117a40f3d 11.1: Change in Annual Sea Ice Extent
c91074ce-144e-479c-9f75-6ce34a764da0 7.4: Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Protein and Minerals
c930a717-a255-4bfe-b958-6c3737263b17 33.19: Emissions, Concentrations, and Temperature Projections
c9397f8e-5072-4eae-9fb9-b9defc7f4800 20.7: Projected Change in Annual Streamflow
c94fa289-bd65-452b-9b88-1d21af8ce693 12.1: relative sea level
c986a638-f42b-41cd-9622-f5a17acaef15 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
c9b3c68f-bc73-4851-abcf-e11cea3595b8 10.3: Observed and Projected Changes in Frost-Free Season
c9f4e18f-c155-49cf-91b7-b19765e429b8 44.5: Utah Palmer Drought Severity Index
c9f99323-f100-43ba-be7d-2a179eafab90 3.4: Global Precipitation Measurement Satellite
ca16c764-62c5-4722-a1e3-6778a89d9e9e 5.1: Land-Use and Land-Cover Composition
ca4d0b2a-df56-4c6a-ae09-a68d5c25657e 25.7: Coast-to-Inland Economic Connections
ca69f1be-264c-4eee-ab35-5fe4206ba0b3 18.8: Atlantic White Cedars dying from SLR
ca70c157-3d9c-42bc-90c2-7772b32ce0d8 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
ca714251-d645-4733-b506-3f831620c2ec 1: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
ca839e67-02a9-43e8-8950-edb57f3cbe4b 19.11: Isle de Jean Charles Planning Meeting
ca8f2be6-d8d8-4245-9c96-f3e39b9c0516 A5.8: Global Temperature Increase Shown in Multiple Datasets
ca983a87-53a7-4c42-b0e9-18d26fad40ba 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
caa58c53-c6b5-466e-b6b8-7668ec3f547b 3.6: NMME Forecasts March 2012
cad82b07-fd81-4099-a4a5-7d59029767ef 9.5: Projected Changes in Tick Habitat
cad998c2-93c5-4536-af78-47f2706784a0 1: Indicator: Heat Waves
cb401326-1805-4459-b0e9-9c5e8562e6a0 20.4: Projected Precipitation Change for Puerto Rico
cb7d81a9-9da3-4ce6-b28a-9bd4c5ab77c9 22.3: Hydrologic Changes Across the Northern Great Plains
cb88be00-4c56-42e3-b596-307310900553 3.2: Attributable Warming or Cooling Influences of Anthropogenic and Natural Forcings
cbe81e0e-2c90-41ea-94fe-6ebf5ca1517b P.1: Major SOCCR2 Process Highlights, Reviews, and High-Level Timeline
cc21e0f2-430c-4789-a031-aae5a6c84d61 24.12: Single-Source Water Systems in Washington
cc673a44-b62b-4a07-85eb-0c840b20764a 22.2: Projected Changes in Very Hot Days, Cool Days, and Heavy Precipitation
cc70a91c-658f-47a4-a7dd-273eec38ea54 16.1: Impact of 2011 Thailand Flooding on U.S. Business Interests
ccaafed9-c903-473b-a837-3e1c966cc5e5 1.1: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Datasets
ccac1438-ca4a-41a9-b467-0596cb7df8cd 1.2c: Observed Annual Precipitation
ccb74f79-31da-454c-bdc7-a4fe0d81f70e 27.8: Roadways Flood Periodically on Oʻahu
cccb9639-473f-4ab9-ac85-c2244de7a1a7 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
cccdc5c3-fd3f-4dfb-90ff-b34b6174aca8 3.6: Principal U.S. Groundwater Aquifers and Use
ccf03e1f-7d2e-4b6a-a7e7-ef6093c0a11d 6.1: Observed Changes in Annual, Winter, and Summer Temperature
ccfd06a5-659c-4025-b4ac-72d6ca6db63b A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
ccfe6e34-291f-4d46-91a9-f57afe88cb9d 4.4: Examples of Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies
cd2cf6e0-eeda-4a72-9b32-41851e4252e7 A5.11: Comparison of Climate Models and Observed Temperature Change
cd4268b1-83d0-4404-bf86-a1047c46130f 7.6: Future Projection of Regional Extreme Precipitation of 2-Day Duration and 5 Year Return
cd7d915d-b44e-49bb-96e6-0031238ee209 11.2: Projected Change in the Number of Very Hot Days
cdae5e0d-e223-428b-ab42-f30e432c7a27 14.3: Global Emission Pathways for Greenhouse Gases
cdca1328-67f5-4f72-9801-8962ce7c577f 14.2: Global CO2 emissions and probabilistic temperature outcomes of Paris
cde39ae5-a89b-4202-812b-cfc996555aae A1.6: Regional Engagement Workshops
cdf07c02-3d46-4517-8edb-6de402041976 9.1: Marine Ecosystem Services
ce203988-3bb3-4225-9430-70ee214bfda9 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
ce42bdfc-bc97-4d10-9927-a2a02d5d7d1f 16.6: Coney Island after Hurricane Irene
ceb09af6-542e-40a4-9d81-7990a1e6c068 A.1: The Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2) Team Structure and Interactions