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66c2c8d0-e64d-46fd-8943-0a431062b3f4 4.2: Global Mean Temperature Anomalies (RCPs)
66faebed-d6a4-4a96-8f6a-27682483635f 3.6: Principal U.S. Groundwater Aquifers and Use
66ff233d-6dde-4bbd-b268-9f8e4e417917 -.3: Greater Emissions Lead to Significantly More Warming
674de86e-7cbe-477e-ba46-ef8d0a67dffa A1.7: First Chapter Leadership Meeting
6768838b-d6e9-42d7-9c1e-3671ec652f19 A1.1: Agency Logos
676b0561-3ac5-4ca1-997a-12d693d04b2b 33.6: Observed and Projected Change in Global Sea Level
67a5a17c-3b0d-4b8a-a63e-cb1c34c7b7ff 2.5: Projected Change in Average Annual Temperature
67c2e0f2-f3e1-4d98-a318-8a68fc7e8d8c 34.10: Early Scientists who Established the Scientific Basis for Climate Change
67fb416d-9dab-406d-a06d-522d23dcb678 -.2: Example of Increasing Spatial Resolution of Climate Models
68082ec7-dee2-42c4-881f-dfbce8fce52e 41.7: Projected Change in Winter Precipitation
680e175c-5683-4911-b232-c187fa274cf4 1.2: Indicators of Change
681cc6f9-801d-4e06-9f0c-cc021848d756 1: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
683cf669-241e-40ef-994c-868929979d0b 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
684dfe12-e6fa-46e7-b2f8-060d72d5f36e 27.13: Crop Trials of Salt-Tolerant Taro Varieties
68537d68-b14c-4811-908a-5dc0ab73879b 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
6855366d-5b74-4e7c-abae-bc5c0b01ceec 21.9: Projected Changes in Ozone-Related Premature Deaths
6867b7e6-9105-4fe7-9a85-3034fde8e9c5 1.7: Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station Flood
6872984a-d081-4ce8-af97-8f171b4a2c1f 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
689186f3-25ae-497e-86fc-f07c979636be 6.2: Agricultural Distribution
68b912c1-d062-468b-afc0-d137317d5cad 1.15: Promoting Reef Recovery
68ec9e32-6967-49fd-8dd2-c38a43f15330 2.7: Diminishing Arctic Sea Ice
68f4dd68-3457-46b5-954c-1a9af82409d1 3.9: Sea Level Rise Map Services for Sandy Recovery
68f813d1-d96c-498c-ac1d-d4dec2f2f6f2 1.21: New Economic Impact Studies
690e047c-8122-4125-9d88-d19b7bca86f5 18.7: Projected Change in Summer Precipitation
6938ed9f-999f-4ece-804d-46e646c4d6ea 33.32: Extreme Precipitation
6940d9a2-bc0c-45b6-945d-cac08c22afb5 7.4: Observed Change in Heavy Precipitation
69518a83-7637-416a-8dd3-1f7c35651fd5 A3.2: Climate Change Indicators
6960acce-24ae-4d1d-8ff3-66ec2a676956 21.3: Drying Effect of Warmer Air on Plants and Soils
69887bac-9759-45c4-83a6-cadecdb252a4 5.1: Possible Future Flood Depths in Mobile, AL with Rising Sea Level
69da6d93-4426-4061-a2a1-7b3d01f2dc1c 2.7: Observed U.S. Temperature Change
69fe42db-b4fd-4902-a3c9-6a5f36764c16 3.25: Modeling energy sector risks and opportunities
6a33b0bb-2913-468f-b370-12c4f24db440 33.2b: Observed Winter Temperature
6a7649fd-dab5-4ccc-ab07-3ace011f3ea7 12.5: Tidal Floods
6a826cb8-a486-4adf-9045-7c75e0fd2bf2 A.1: tropospheric temperature
6a93333b-cc34-458a-b676-f39e0f657a72 9.1: Tropical Cyclone Peak Lifetime Intensity
6adfb869-c7e2-4f85-ac9d-4e1d495342d3 22.2: Projected Changes in Very Hot Days, Cool Days, and Heavy Precipitation
6b07cf68-447f-4132-a483-87e6b15d604b 14.1: Rural Counties
6b472426-73f3-4890-8c27-ccb8c6973eeb 33.18: Only Human Influence Can Explain Recent Warming
6b57bb77-6759-4009-a68b-f1bedb800503 18.2: Historical Changes in the Timing of Snowmelt-Related Streamflow
6b737501-b651-4139-85b4-ccae7675df6d 6.5: Projected Changes in Key Climate Variables Affecting Agricultural Productivity
6b991d86-2787-4851-bb6e-b5c17988fd3b 1.1: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Datasets
6ba1a03e-ce44-47bc-946a-fac709ae1af9 3.8: Categories of Climate Indicators
6ba6ba2d-1299-4458-a03d-6be4e53c4a10 3.9: Freshwater Withdrawals by Sector
6bc47d21-0606-4ed9-9fd3-6be421d1191c 3.4: Streamflow Projections for River Basins in the Western U.S.
6be92a16-ad53-4e46-a3be-2e373eb863aa -.6: Extreme Precipitation Has Increased Across Much of the United States
6beb731c-3d23-4235-b25b-ba67aca4c5ef 13.3: Organic Soil Peat Core
6c07bb78-58f2-43bc-a923-844a6d4e08e1 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
6c07c7f9-c3c6-45dd-99ce-030dc787b531 33.41: Sea Level Rise, 1993-2012
6c5b5f03-f868-47ab-90f3-2cea09fbdd60 3.10: U.S. Water Withdrawal Distribution
6c605480-1c47-41f9-beb2-3ae348c0c8e2 7.3: Seasonality of Human Illnesses Associated With Foodborne Pathogens
6cd8f29d-65ac-4df6-965c-6da6a6064e46 6.5: Changes in Suitable Coastal Vibrio Habitat in Alaska
6d0237b3-b537-443c-b152-f32f4c2560ff 9.5: Mapping Communities Vulnerable to Heat in Georgia
6d1a0418-15d9-4130-be73-2ef148baa2f4 11.1: Current and Projected U.S. Population
6d1e3fc1-7310-4d02-a398-5b3fa15adb91 26.5: Erosion Rates Along Alaska’s North Coast
6d44c0ae-a005-4156-9cb5-5442a8732bf1 25.7: Coast-to-Inland Economic Connections
6d45a268-97c0-4889-ada3-5c3cf9e31298 20.11: : Coral Farming Can Increase the Extent and Diversity of Coral Reefs
6d505008-31be-47c6-91ff-5470b52cb2fe 21.3: Projected Relative Sea Level Rise for the Latitude of Newport, OR
6d651b81-948e-436a-b1c9-6cde7ab93336 6.5: Area Burned by Large Wildfires
6dafc8d5-9e40-4dd6-a63d-d456ec61a551 2.4: Emissions Levels Determine Temperature Rises
34.23: Emissions Levels Determine Temperature Rises
6dcce248-0d28-40b8-950d-f12b0f88afd1 1: Ocean Chlorophyll Concentrations
6de4c21b-ac72-40b4-92f4-23f11ee70824 E.1: Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions
6e031181-2ca3-4986-9774-16a67af9dc8f 1: Indicator Heating Cooling Degree Days
6e2fc2af-8234-4334-91a5-abfbf0e3c124 11.3: Projected Change in Number of Days with Heavy Precipitation
6e39a8d8-a7f8-46da-8c8d-90cc3ba0b8c7 35.2a: Observed Number of Very Hot Days
6e444f0e-1852-4ee8-9add-0836f7f4ef30 1.13: Razor Clamming
6e4745e2-0b01-4563-b81d-7f8aaf8acc7d 6.1: Carbon Embeddedness
6e6b3c12-4aed-4d3d-a4e6-ee7a8c8653b0 -.9: "Nuisance Flooding" Increases Across the United States
6e80c653-d965-4a7f-bf42-54811c448d35 5.2: Changes in Land Cover by Region
6e8f6a92-f282-4873-a4f6-9d52c4cd1c41 1: Indicator: Arctic Sea Ice Extent
6e95282c-a2f3-4db9-95d4-3fe9b10fd1af 17.2: Shrinking Lands for Tribal Communities
6ed82135-1133-4efc-a39c-e4d92462a78e 3.21: CARVE and NGEE Arctic campaigns
6f8dbee8-174f-450e-9abe-d00401645c5f 20.7: Projected Change in Annual Streamflow
6fa8dc12-430e-4bcf-849c-8ec61ae8f1fa 21.7: Wetland Restoration Projects Can Help Reduce Impacts
6fcf7b5b-de07-4279-a612-c39d956efb1f 34.3: Indicators of Warming from Multiple Data Sets
6feef046-0011-4a89-bdca-3f0f7c3606db 1.4: Projected Changes in Hottest/Coldest and Wettest/Driest Day of the Year
70831e2f-d70c-436a-b9b2-c42f8cc27567 A1.8: All Author Meeting
708f207e-81a4-4a6f-814e-870e4385e36c 11.4: Permafrost Zones and Biome Area for Tundra and Boreal Regions
70a441f2-3dde-4c1a-abb1-1c21e26ae161 31.2: Observed Number of Extremely Hot Days
70befa4c-b75a-47a8-af53-943bce8b6a93 5.4: Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation
70cc6b86-5b98-4436-9672-9a4d92886aab -.3: Greater Emissions Lead to Significantly More Warming
70d83c38-fa45-43bf-b01e-4cc1ade5b2e6 1.17: Isle de Jean Charles Community Relocation
70fbfb79-4db5-4e9c-8915-bfe093f380c7 1: Annual Greenhouse Gas Index
710ebfc3-2b90-4133-9b5e-a7830575e295 2.12: Observed U.S. Precipitation Change
71114dba-d8a2-4d3f-bdd0-ddc9924cef94 18.4: Forest Composition Shifts
711f1987-8a09-45fa-b3e0-8951edb8c9c7 19.7: Annual Number of High Tide Flooding Days
712368fb-76c4-45cf-8b33-d04f77485f0c 3.22: September Average Sea Ice Extent in the Arctic
71342b2b-0739-4136-976b-3e020fbce578 3.6: NMME Forecasts March 2012
71416830-705a-4a07-aa18-01ecbdb0369c 20.3: Observed and Projected Temperature Change for Puerto Rico
7187fe99-05a7-4a75-a5cf-e639bb9efa86 A5.30: Projected Change in Surface Ocean Acidity
71959300-9b8b-4cad-a7fe-f8e92ce51b16 33.18: Only Human Influence Can Explain Recent Warming
7196d970-c05e-4406-9043-753c3e2f9d32 19.12: October 2015 Extreme Rainfall Event
71d4569b-9d6d-4b4a-8ee6-edc201ff2068 20.6: Urban Heat and Public Health
7246e00f-77cc-47ee-9764-fca81e32a664 16.4: Coastal Flooding along New Jersey’s Shore
724dcd98-6b81-4915-9142-a878b46bd64d 1: Sea Surface Temperatures
724fda9a-7fdc-4fc1-aabd-748502675374 16.2: Projected Increases in the Number of Days over 90°F.
7254754d-4a5f-4122-97a7-76b99e555db7 27.9: Potential Economic Loss from Sea Level Rise, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i
72633107-2d18-465b-9575-c14701b65109 33.18: Only Human Influence Can Explain Recent Warming
72634a96-f89a-434b-ab8e-925bb77c47c0 19.19: Wildfire and Prescribed Fire
727fa2d7-5198-4e50-a859-006680c1f7cd 1: Heating and Cooling Degree Days